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Friday, September 4, 2015

Effects of Imprinting and Overlays On Empaths

As I've mentioned before, Empaths are people who "take in, take on" what others are feeling. There is a divinity about this as it is the part of us that literally Feels the One, it makes us the One With GOD/Source/All That Is.
Most of the time the things Empaths take on is a plethora of ideas, thought, feelings, strong energetics, etc of all the people in the area including the weather, spirits, elementals, technologies/EMFs, ELF's - frequencies via technologies for the purpose of emitting specific vibrations that cause anxiety, sadness, fear, confusion, and other frequencies known to cause lower immune function and brain scrambling....all of these the empaths will feel all at once.

Needless to say Empaths are people who are low key people, quiet, inner processors, avoiding public places and confrontation as much as possible, often ill with ELF's (extremely low frequencies) and all the other frequencies being bombarded upon humanity and the planet through cell phone towers, satellites, smart meters and all kinds of other technology. And Empaths being the forefront of energy sensing due to their extremely refined extra sensory perceptions feel all of this as overwhelm and yet often do not know what all they are getting as it is literally too much, and this is the purpose of technologies especially ELF's.

I once saw a program called 60 Minutes many years ago where they were discussing a black box which was shown and it was said that this box was for emitting low frequencies of all kinds, probably based on Rife Technology, but that the speakers did not know its purpose, and the black box was sent into space emitting those frequencies directed onto this planet. They came to no conclusions and were left with only questions as to why and who. I could never find this episode again.

Empathy is an ancient derivative of the Original Template of Humankind one can refer to as a high form of spiritual and superior refinement, a form of Natural Benevolent White Magic.

The Empath should be a celebrated relic of super heroic spiritual skills, but instead they are, by the regressed mind, relegated to being classified as a "super sensitive" person who needs to chill out. And yet, these abilities are sought after by the dark forces and weaponized.
Imagine a police force that instead of using the good cop/bad cop villain routine utilizes a good cop/empath duo who can sense the truths and discern the lies. These empaths can even be utilized as a form of crime prevention when their abilities are celebrated and valued instead of demeaned.

Empaths will feel so much they no longer really can feel their own essential nature which is overridden, sadly, with so much of the outer worlds din. And most if not all of this is toxic.
They do not intellectualize feelings, they process them. Empathy is a venerable, lonely Spiritual Art.

Aside from the technologies that are all over the planet and in space deliberately emitting low frequencies for the purpose of keeping the humane being low and ill, the Empath will feel in their world, their own nervous systems and in their brain, the thoughts, strong emotions, residues of pain and sickness, miasms of ancestry, etc of all the people they come into contact with. And even if they are not in proximity, they can be in another part of the world but can feel those they know, and if their emissions are strong the Empath will feel them as their own. These are not just something they come into contact with a person which leaves once they are gone from them, but will continue to carry them unfortunately, unless they remediate them in some way. Often it is enough to recognize that what they are feeling is not theirs and this can lift them. So the feelings/energies are there demanding recognition and remediation, otherwise they simply linger.

An Empath can go through a lifetime of this not realizing they are carrying things, energies, feelings that are not theirs. This is why I am writing about these as I hope to help those gentle souls few though they are. Some say up to 50% of people are now run by the virulent ego mind, some say 85% and this is the number I have come up with on my own. So few beings on this planet operate from the dimension of Heart.

A couple of key signatures of those operating from Heart relating to empathy is a blanket type of tolerance and quest for understanding. And they will not say ''I'm empathic'' and be critical of what you say, write or do. They do not care, but only seek understanding or walk away. Empaths do not say they too feel alot, but cannot feel you right there in the moment. This is not empathy. It is projection of ones own feelings, not anothers. Empaths would rather say they are wrong, than to insist on "resonance". Lots of people are saying these days ''this resonates with me" or "this doesn't resonate", whether it is fact or not, and they think this an act of ''discernment'' when it is not. It is merely what they like or dont like. Empaths don't do that, they feel into the truth, and regardless of what it is, how huge or ugly it may be, truth is truth, and they remain humble with the truth. Period. Empaths also know that to see an ugly truth and remain silent is backwards and supporting a darkness to which they become complicit. But this is another tangent.
No darkness ever was brought to light by silence.

What I have learned is that unless I remain in a tight spiritual gestalt of my own Essence, free of all that has taken place in life or upon this Earth, I am feeling upon my person everything from collective consciousness to technologies to ancestral miasms to solar flares as if they were my own. Other psychics have "seen" so many things in my field that were felt by me so strongly and intensely as an Empath but not physically experienced by me. This is why many ''psychics'' can read you wrong.

While most people are feeling all types of things they have ways of relieving themselves of what they are feeling. They can camouflage their feelings, numb them, dump them by denial, or by speaking to someone who listens with heart who processes them for them, or simply by a type of focused service to self type of energy which deflects everything away from them they do not desire. I come across alot of those, they amaze me with their ability to simply not feel anything and deflect anything happening even within feet of them! and to even not feel when a person is describing something so wrenching they jump to another topic in a nano second! This is the mind deflecting. Some would say protecting their emotions, but is it really? How do you understand life if you deflect all the time? How do you become a valuable person to others if you have no empathy and can only offer words or intellect? It is merely inexcusable and cowardly avoidance and spiritual lack.

But Empaths both do not realize they are carrying other energies nor do they realize that they can be rid of them. So I am telling you here now that you can and should for your own well being, sanity, spiritual cleanliness and lightness of being, and so that your own Essence and Nature can be felt as your own and you can enjoy your Self more often and more deeply.

Empathic Listening vs Ego Listening.

When a person for example is speaking with an Empath, the Empath is listening not with mind but with heart. The difference cannot be seen with the eyes, but felt acutely and effects are dramatic.
Listening with ego is very common and is probably happening over 90% of the time. Ego listens with mind, and its set of 'emotions' such as frustration, anger, indignation, fear and selective memory. The ego mind listens with only that type of mind which serves its own purpose and beliefs. If it encounters something outside of its experience and knowledge, it dismisses it, often with cold negation. Even if that encounter is true, they can negate whatever they don't like or know about.
The one who listens with mind will respond to the speaker with thoughts, ideas, beliefs, interpretations, limitations of personal experience, cold logic, rationalizations, and denial of whatever that mind has not encountered. It is a computated conversation, based on informational input of the computerized ego mind. These types will have quick responses of an intellectual nature and when confronted with experiences of the speaker they have not experienced will quickly blanket the entire conversation over with ghostly and ghastly platitudes that leaves the speaker feeling numb and misunderstood and empty of communion. This creates a backlash of pain.

The heart will listen with a refined faculty which does not want to ''interpret'' as the mind does, but listens with their organic field of living energy called ''feelings'' which can and does reciprocate and respond with various nuances such as compassion, understanding, a desire for peace, comfort and love, all of which are healing energies. These healing energies of heart when utilized in listening, respond to the speaker with that beauty and enlivens them, offers energy. This living energy in conversation is communion. Both will feel better after such kinds of interactions.
Whereas the egoic listener will drain the speaker and leave a bad taste in their aura, as the energies exchanged were of two different dimensions....one of the ego-mind/dead computer, the other of heart/living energies and freely offered healing overtones. The egoic listener offers nothing but mind and its inherent coldness and lack, and the heart listener offers living healing energies. The healing energies are beneficent to both the giver and receiver, whereas the egoic listener offers nothing and one is parasited by them and drained. This draining person is safely considered a narcissistic type person trapped and locked down in mental viral computerized self serving dimensions.

As mentioned these types of conversations are based from two different dimensions and have completely different effects. And agendas. The heart listener heals, is organic, alive and pulsing with life and seeks to nurture. The egoic listener drains, is dead with intellect, input and feelingless and seeks to serve its self righteousness. The ego listens within the very limited dimension of info/intel, mind, computations, belief, experience, interpretation, etc...all based on intellect which is as mentioned limited. The dimension of listening from heart is a resonating field of huge magnetics of a toroidal shape and is intrinsically connected to the All That Is, wise, feeling, and healing. The heart in turn is also symbiotically related to the Earth itself and therefore all the other celestial bodies, is extremely well informed and has scope of knowledge that far surpasses anything the mind hardware can come up with.


From HeartMath Institute:
''This chapter will focus on electromagnetic fields generated by the heart that permeate every cell and may act as a synchronizing signal for the body in a manner analogous to information carried by radio waves. Particular emphasis will be devoted to evidence demonstrating that this energy is not only transmitted internally to the brain but is also detectable by others within its range of communication. The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body. The electrical field as measured in an electrocardiogram (ECG) is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the brain waves recorded in an electroencephalogram (EEG). The magnetic component of the heart’s field, which is around 100 times stronger than that produced by the brain, is not impeded by tissues and can be measured several feet away from the body with Superconducting Quantum Interference Device (SQUID)-based magnetometers.  We have also found that the clear rhythmic patterns in beat-to-beat heart rate variability are distinctly altered when different emotions are experienced. These changes in electromagnetic, sound pressure, and blood pressure waves produced by cardiac rhythmic activity are “felt” by every cell in the body, further supporting the heart’s role as a global internal synchronizing signal.''

Which would you rather speak with? Do any of us have any time for anything less than Heart?
If you are not sure where you are coming from tune into your body and sense where the conversation is taking place within you. Do you hear more from your head area? Or do you hear more from your chest area? Are you "hearing" more than feeling? This is a basic tell.
But another is noting your responses to listening.....do you encounter resistance? Do you question the resistance? If not there is a clue there because you could be listening with mind which will have lots of resistance due to lack of experience and lack of knowledge and a nano-second quicksilver mind informs you you are lacking something there to commiserate with the speaker and defensive dialog begins. Or your own beliefs can be getting in the way and so you begin to spin your mind to suit yourself and are disconnected from the speaker entirely.
This is lockdown, and the conversation is already dead at this point and will drain the speaker.
If you are listening from heart, you will be feeling more and you will not be resistant when encountering the unknown but be inquisitive. This is a basic way to tell.
For the Empath, if you have this egoic listener type of person, walk away. It is better to loose your voice from not speaking than to speak to those who are speaking/listening from a dead dimension that is not only draining but toxic as they try to fill your field with their dogmatic mind and empty words.

Imprints and Overlays Upon the Empath:

What I want to say to Empaths is to become learned of ''your'' energies and fields, and of your organic Humane Essence to understand yours from others and how you are affected in such huge ways by the "fields'' and energies of others be they human or technologies.
The effects upon Empaths are of such an ineffable magnitude and we are such at a loss as to what they have all been, an Empath can spend an entire lifetime ignorant of what all has been affecting them and why they are the way they are and feel what they feel. Women especially.


If you are an Empath and a person, friend or other wants to visit with you to talk and ''hang out'', you will welcome them and quickly become saturated with their feelings and all that is taking place in their world. You will often not realize this, but simply dismiss it all as simply being "sensitive", a tragically euphemistic term that undermines the true nature of the purpose and gift of being ''sensitive''. But what is happening is that you are literally filled with all that that person is sharing with you whether knowingly or unknowingly. For example: I had a man call me to ask me if I would see a family member of his who is sick and the doctors cannot find out what is wrong with her. I helped him last year so he has some confidence. She came with 3 other members of her family and she sat here and spoke with me and I could feel alot that I could not interpret. I know what I know yes, this is inside me as wordless, languageless knowledge, however I don't know what I know until it comes up in conversation or through my inquiries. She finished telling me everything she could, often repeating herself out of desperation from the pains, but there was something else behind it all that I could not name but only felt and only by asking her what exactly happened on the day she felt all this begin, where she was, etc, getting into the fine details, did the truth of the reality come out. And though she did not relate it to her sickness, it was the total cause of it, and the rest of her family then began to fill in the details of the truth and we realized it was not a sickness the doctors could diagnose because, as usual, the cause which is what I was after, was a spiritual one. My mind was put aside to listen with my heart and body field which is a part of this planet and cosmos. It was my heart that was inquiring enough to get to the root and figure it out, to learn, and by getting to the root of any matter we can heal or remediate it. I felt everything she described in my own body and my body knew to ask other questions. Articulation is the tricky part. We did get to the root of it. And I did also get sick myself for a few days, I'm still not able to entirely deflect all that I encounter. I literally processed some of her ailment through my own body and though I am better now, it is quite the "job" of Empathic Healing. These are empathic overlays.

Those people who are not empaths I feel are not entirely human, are those empty people, order followers, organic portals, drones, background characters, matrix agents, etc all implanted as a "virus" within the biological body of humankind to keep a false system of holographics in place. Basically I believe Empathy is part of being Humane, not merely biologically human as those are just mimics of true humans.

And back to imprinting and overlays, what happens to the Empath is that they will take on all the thoughts ideas and even philosophies of a person feeling confused about their own beliefs and ideas, as often one can hear Empaths say they are still not sure of a belief of something, they tend to ponder or contemplate everything and take years to make a decision. When a person with strong mind beliefs speaks to an Empath, like a sponge the Empaths absorbs them and is influenced by them. Those thoughts and feelings of that speakers mind can imprint the Empath with those thoughts and then the Empath will feel just like the speaker felt about them.  This is empathic imprinting. The Empath feels the feelings of the other as if they were their own feelings about themselves.

I do not know of anyone who is correctly "seen" for who they are, but mostly everyone is seen through the eyes of the seer. One sees what one believes or even chooses to believe. You tend to see others through what you are, not what the other is. This is projection. This is toxicity.  This is blindness.
Very few people can see ''into others'' and see them for who they are in essence whether that essence is corrupted or not. Like a person who is feeling everyone is like them, kind, friendly and safe and caring....and then the man you just smiled at turns and grabs your ass and groceries and runs off with your purse. This is the problem with projection. You can't see. This is why many people cannot see the psychopath for who he is, or that he has intentions of molesting you or someone else. Empathy would inform you of those feelings he has. This is the blindness of lacking this ability, and it is extremely damaging to the whole of humankind to not have this. It was the very purpose of the Inquisition to burn and kill millions of psychic women who had empathic abilities that has created to this day a persecution meme that prohibits most "sensitives" and empaths from speaking.
Most view a person through their own mind and experiences. Like a person who ''senses'' that a woman is a whining bitch when she has been being abused for years by her husband and is now sick and at the end of her rope and she is shaking and nervous and emotional while online at the market forced to buy his beer for him and the observer is thinking she is a drunken witch. This happens every moment of every day. This is the toxicity of ''resonance''  and "projection" as opposed to true empathy. Empaths would feel her pain and why she is that way, would sense the molester and avoid a violation, and all kinds of beneficence could be utilized via Empaths abilities.

The feeling an Empath will have after being ''viewed'' by another is imprinting. The Empath is feeling how the person sees and feels about them and this can remain with the Empath as a form of ''self opinion'' not realizing its not.

Others can read my materials and writings and form many opinions and beliefs about me, and these will be varied. Am I who they believe or what they feel? Of course not, but I can feel what they believe and feel like a dirty cloak over me. I feel contaminated often not knowing where this "dirty" feeling comes from. It has taken me years to figure this out. It wasn't until I began smudging with sage and taking sea salt showers that I realized just how much was around me that was not mine. So I've spent a lifetime feeling like something, someone else, not knowing I was imprinted and overlayed. I forgot what I myself, felt like.

But I have been given a Gift recently that mirrored to me my true Essence and once reminded of that essential inner Beauty it was easy to feel it again without all the other overlays of the outer world technologies, collective consciousness, others opinions and thoughts and feelings of me crushing me into feeling weighed down and surrounded by a dirty field. It was an amazing Gift and I use it constantly to bring me back to Essence and to feel only my Self and it is wonderful I have to say. And this is recognition that all else I am feeling is merely the din of toxic overlays upon me by the world mind, others thoughts, feelings, beliefs, perceptions etc. This is what Empaths experience daily.

One can wear these overlays and imprints like a mantle of darkness over them for a lifetime but I highly encourage you to cleanse yourself both energetically by any means you can and to find your own Essence and implant that firmly into every cell of your body to refer to it as your only Truth, so that when you do not feel that or feel something else, you will immediately know it is NOT you, it is anothers thoughts feelings, spirits, technologies, etc. This takes practice and work. It is critical you do this to both be clear of this dirt and negativity of others and to have every day of your life feeling clean and clear as your own beautiful Self, as this will be the enjoyment of YOU, and your own life. Your life becomes your own again, and not the imprints and overlays of others upon you such that you move through life feeling as if they are yours, they are not.
Find all those things that mirror what you feel you are, the beauty, the joy, the softness, the intelligence of Spirit, via images, music, whalesong, birdsong, videos, reading materials and plants and flowers, essential oils.....everything you can that reflects the Beauty of your Self, and keep these around you as your friends of soul and daily and hourly companions of life. Whenever you feel something different, handle that with the Empaths wisdom, heal, detach, cleanse and return to your Self and Sanctuary of Beauty and Nurturance.

I hope this has helped. Its time to clean up and clear out. May you walk in the Spirit of your Own True Beauty and Essence.

Serena, Lady of the Woods


  1. Yes, Serena. All of what you had said, your experiences with people, their reactions, their ego or heart responses, speaks so clearly of how I feel around the continual negative response from the Narcissist or from one who is truly my friend. The weight of burden upon my being when the negative hurts to my very core is what has made me ill many times. And yes, my heart, my entire being, my cells trap that negativity unless I cleanse myself and realize what the negative person is saying shuts down my capability to cope with life for a while. And you cannot reason with them with your heart because they cannot in any way relate! This is actually why I escape to my computer to connect with those who heal my spirit, who refresh my being, to help me realize I will always be sensitive to all energies I come in contact with. Even when I am touched physically by one who is tuned to their ego only, I feel that negativity drain me of my energies. And it usually takes me an entire day to reboot myself as it almost makes my pass out literally. Those who touch us physically do not know what they are doing to us. Unless it is a person who is similar to ourselves, we always give of ourselves to the other person more than they can know. The positive and negative vibrations affect us so profoundly. As I read this post, I felt the air tingling, even though we are 3,000 miles away from each other! These vibrations were good and healing.
    Blessings to you!

    1. Miss T. this was so well said and I am happy you understand the effects. So many think they are experiencing this when it is merely their egos which are sensitive like to criticisms they perceive or to people who are speaking of something they don't grasp and they get ''sensitive'' and it is not empathy, nor heart, it is the ego, we all do this.
      But as you know I am trying to speak to those true empaths to understand why their deeper feeling core, the heart, is so hurt and their energies drained is because they are literally coming from another dimension trying to relate to one in another, they were ''relating'' to an empty space, not heart to heart, but heart to ego which is a one way transaction, and the ego I am sure is a draining feature, neither neutral nor safe, but draining, taking and leaving the empath, not others who are immune, in a lesser state.
      We are truly different creatures, more like the NaVi' people who can get sick amongst the ''humans'' if they spend too much time around them, and this goes, I understand, for many other types of entities as well. This is an entire field that requires exploration of the most refined and delicate of intelligences. Maybe WE are the aliens. :D

  2. Beautifully, brilliantly written. I wish my eyes could have been opened when I was younger. Would have spared myself much heartache. But I suppose we receive information when we are ready.
    There is so much I want to say here, but perhaps I can save it for a phone chat? :)
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Teacher and Healer of Light...
    I think my journey back to my "Real Self" began when I read "The Celestine Prophesy" over 20 years ago. The veil has been lifting since then...
    I catch myself often looking at people as if they were the strangest beings. Remember when I told you that I thought all humans come into the world as beautiful light beings? I still believe that...but only if they are "true" humans...HUMANE. Yes, you said it perfectly.
    Love, Light, and Blessings dear one...
    ~ Irina

    1. I think Palomasea, that because the world is not empathic and those people do not see/sense the inner beauty of others the effect upon us is that our own beauty feels diminished, for not being seen. And we begin to become blind to our own inner beauty. I think without the effects of the blind population, the matrix and others views ''upon'' us, (overlays) we would see our inner selves more clearly and this beauty is almost unbearably beautiful....imagine that.....that we are so beautiful inside it almost hurts to see this. How could we miss this, and look outside so much, depend on others to see this......why do we not spend more time with our Selves? and yes, this is for those who are humanely human.....as clearly some are not. I would love to chat about this again, it has been too long.


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