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Monday, January 18, 2016

Plant, Plant and Keep Planting, Lawns to Gardens

I wake up in the middle of dialogues. Some are important and I want to share one of those now.

There are people who believe this world is finished, done for, nothing here to save, fix, correct, clean, nothing worth ever finding joy in.  I wholeheartedly, in the face of its ''apparent doomy gloomy truth'', disagree because it is a lie. Its a lie because it's not written in stone. It's 'truth' or lie is a choice we each make daily.
The ''truth'' of reality depends on what we each one of us do or not do. When billions of people give up, yes it is then true there is nothing here because their consciousness destroyed the possibilities. But when billions of people do not give up and plant this Earth and go green, then there is nothing for the Earth and humans to do but to thrive, and then the gloomy ''truth'' has been changed into a joyfilled lie. Think about it. The choice lies with what you want to create rather than what you believe is true.
I believe, and know, have seen and experienced this Earth as something ineffably beautiful. And with Spiritually beautiful people tending to it relentlessly, passionately, ruthlessly and uncompromisingly, it flourishes.

 This is a part of the front lawn. I planted an orange tree, and the veggies are cabbage, mustards which make wonderful wraps for sandwiches, cauliflower and coleus in back for added color.

I want to encourage, beg, plead for everyone to transform lawns into gardens.


Plant something, something that you think is beautiful, something you can eat, something for butterflies, something for bees. But plant.

There is a purpose for grass and it is to keep the soil covered so that beneath or within it are billions of creatures and organisms who thrive and keep the soil rich and alive to grow plants whose grass roots keep the soil fed to nourish other plants. Another purpose is above soil to show humans where plants can grow and yet another purpose is to feed animals.
Think of how much space on this Earth lawns are covering without being useful to any living thing, waiting for those cognizant ones to begin to plant what they need.......for example for shade in trees, or fruits and nuts, or plants for food and plants for fabric weaving such as flax and hemp. This Earth is waiting for us to 'symbios' with Her for a necessarily co dependent life. There is such a thing as positive co dependency, it ensures the one takes care of the other. This is sanity. Humans take care of soil and Earth, and Earth and soil grow what humans need. Its perfect. But the Earth gives so much more back. What She does so effortlessly we enjoy with all our senses in scent, beauty, touch, texture, light and song. We cannot live withOUT  Her.

For those who think the Earth is already done for or polluted beyond repair you are in for a surprise. There are millions of organisms who purify the soil of all poisons and some of those organisms are even created by nature to perform new functions in the face of new toxins, then they recede again into the deep dark mystery of Life. In several generations of the plant, maybe 7 generations of comfrey plantings which can take only a year, the soil will rid itself of metals and toxins, will have regenerated into something entirely different. The soil can purify itself with our help. Deserts can be transformed into oasis. Any land can be converted.

The easiest for now are the lawns that exist with people who own them, who can plant them into gardens of joy and beauty, of food and pollinators.

It is proven that gardening is soothing, calming in the deepest most mysterious of ways. It cannot be understood but is experienced with great joy. Depression is cured by gardening, even if it is a single pot of flowers watered regularly. Elderly homes are being encouraged to have gardens for the tenants as it rewards their spirits in loving ways. Those who water plants feel useful.
In schools, when children garden they understand what food actually looks like, what it should look like and they begin to develop an inner sense of nurturing and self care that can blossom the child itself into a being of great and magnanimous deeds for not just themselves but for many. The child intrinsically and instinctively connects with their own connection to this planet and what Life is. And this in turn fosters a deep sense of belonging. A beautiful mystery.

There is a woman who planted over a million trees because she was sad at seeing children malnourished and the land dry....for no good reason but neglect. She transformed the land and the people in it, children woman and men were all tended to and cared for by the plantings. That was the movement of just one woman.

You....however, don't have to do anything so grand. You can only take care of yourself if that is what you want. You can plant a lawn, a section of lawn, or put a pot on top of the lawn that has in it some beautiful kale, or veggies of your choice. If every person did this, then everyone is both nourishing and being nourished in body mind and soul......as is the Earth. A renaissance is born again.

Here is a mix of things in pots, herbs, flowers, a baby orange tree which does produce oranges, flowers and a tiny pond.

There are some who believe the soil is ''too polluted'' and nothing grows. Well the nature of Nature is that all in Nature can be healed and cured when the poisons are stopped and it is given healing treatment and time. The soil can correct itself of the poisons of men, it can heal and become rich again and quickly too. Yes, some soils are not producing and some seeds are not producing. But the options are this: you can give up and not do anything, in which case the continued poisoning will do its destructive work, and you lose and the Earth dies. Or, you can keep planting, giving the soil everything it needs to correct itself, all the nitrogen, oxygen, and other nutrients given through plants, and it has a chance to heal...and when it does, you have plants, healthy soil, beauty and life again both for the Earth and you in return. If the first plantings do not produce healthy plants, keep planting. Plant those known as ''cover crops'' to heal the earth like comfrey, hemp, radishes, buckwheat, arugula, and many many more, choose your preference. Eventually the soils will correct itself and will offer up beautiful plants to eat and to enjoy in so many ways. The thing is, it is easier than anyone thinks. I mean, you can literally throw shit on your soil to improve it. How fun is that! It should be from horses, cows or chickens though human stuff can be used after a year of ''aging''.

Plant plants.

Plant trees,

Plant herbs.

Plant flowers....

plant something.....either on a large scale or small one whatever you can do, but do something.

Be passionate about it. Be Alive with it.
Gardening is the precursor for the Divine experience. It will give you a numinous sense of purpose you never knew could exist. It is timeless and you will feel the eternal Spirit of Life. This is the real You.
The Green of Life is Your Spiritual Life. Nurture it and it returns many times in Beauty.

Watch The Green Beautiful here on Disclose T.V.  (only in French with English subtitles).....
worth it.....trailer below.

Serena, Lady of the Woods

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  1. Thank you for this, Serena. I will try planting comfrey. It is such a healing plant, good for many uses. My daughter-in-law is planting a garden where my oldest son and she live. She has a pioneer spirit and they are also raising their own chicken to lay eggs, and have one goat and hope to get a billy goat and have fresh goats milk.
    love, and peace
    Miss Teresa


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