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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Interview With a Mercenary with Wayne Bush

Experience of a demiurge.

I went there, being a glutton for punishment it seems, though I did not expect to hear the horrors of another male minded psychopath. He is referred to simply as ''guest'' in this interview.
My intention was to hear of the after death experience and his meeting with this father/demiurge god of brassy face and white flowing beard guy.....I began listening but got sick of the workings of this mans mind like his example of ''how people think'' he says ''you know, that 'people' always have two intentions like, "I like you and I wanna take you on a date' but really I wanna have sex with you.''.....was the example he gave as if this type of thinking was simply universal!!!
NO, guest, no. Not everyone has two intentions for everything they intend. Some actually have single intentions that are simple and pure. What a concept, eh?!

He admits to being a killer and that was all he could think of, of women and children too.....all ''collateral damage'', a euphemism that hypnotizes people ignoring its true meaning.
 A quote: "He says today if we fought wars like God wants us to, then we would do what God says. And here's what God says: to destroy our enemies, to kill their women, their children, their cattle, burn their crops, and bash their babies' brains against the rocks. Now that might not be word for word, but it's there." ...........And we would say things like "Nuke them 'til they glow", "Turn Iran into a sea of glass" and we sang these horrible, awful songs: "We're gonna rape, kill, pillage, burn... we're gonna rape, kill, pillage burn. And eat babies." And then we sang all these songe we triumphed over being evil. I mean, not triumphed over it. We became THAT.''

I croak everytime I hear a man giving us examples of what they think is how ''people think'' not realizing it is specific to how MEN think but of course they're not thinking its just them! This planet is rife with this global mental phallacy of mind such that the entire populations of this planet no longer understand there are ubiquitous differences between how womens minds work and how mens minds work. One must with great and sincere respect ask women to find out what they truly think, but it is assumed by men that women think the same way. Unfortunately women also assume men think (and feel) as they do and they are equally wrong. I cannot stress how worlds apart it is especially with women who have not been brainwashed or inculcated into global left-brainsim.
So I had to skip to go to the transcript to bypass his mind....it was really painful to listen to him, even read, but I wanted to hear of this demiurge, what was seen, and I'm listing below points of interest.
Also it is important to note that Wayne kept interrupting this 'guest' trying to summarize what he was saying with his own wording and this guest had to keep saying 'no...' and explaining a different view. important.

I will also state, that alot has been assumed here by these men in this interview, that much has been understood amongst each other, such as concepts of ''game'', ''total control'', ''contracts/agreements'', ''deceit'', "competition", ''manipulations'', "following gods desires by killing those god hates",  ''gate keepers'', ''scoring'', ''computer games'', "think-tanks" etc.....are all concepts foreign to my feminine mind, all egregiously demonstrate the assumptions of shared understandings these men have that are completely alien to me, that are rife with male-ness that has no clue as to any alternative.
All of those words/concepts are foreign to me.
I do not conceive of them, nor do I agree with any of them. I see these abnormalities all so clearly with the resulting disastrous effects which this common-all-pervasive-infection of left brainsism sickens global society, destroys the feeling nature, the senses, destroys the numinous, destroys our spirits and souls, and all things lofty, gentle and kind. All such concepts as ''gaming'' and ''think tanks'' and ''war upons'' perceptions are all taken for granted....is considered ''normal''.. They are far from 'normal', though unfortunately they are 'common'.......''the way things are'' and such are aberrations. What is common and normal for them are mistakes of abnormalities to me. I encourage more feminine thinking amongst those who wish to escape this matrix.
Let there be no mistake, nor any willful ignorance or head in the ass type of denial, this demiurge is all male, and against all things feminine. It is right up there up front and center to be seen, we are swimming in it. And yes I am making it known and writing about that which people still! in this late day and age, still want to bury under the maggot filled, threadbare rotten rug. I am not creating ''separation'', I am pointing out the separation that is being psychotically and compulsively ignored.

In my examination of late, of this planet being controlled completely by darkness and that its (his) purpose is to keep it that way....I am examining all that speaks to this. No need to believe now, just collecting all the information that is pointing to this. And there is much evidence at every turn.

My own personal experience of this was an incident 2 years ago, a ''dictum'' with the head demon himself, who without invitation came to me and spoke as I was deeply pondering this world and its plight....his voice came into my head interrupting my train of calm thinking and said:  ''I own the 3rd dimension and 4th dimensions. You are free to go if you can redeem yourself/ves."
I have not understood to this day what he meant by ''redeeming ourselves'', as it does not follow the meanings listed in dictionaries. There was some esoteric meaning in which he used this word "redeem". But I found this intrusion into my mind and world disturbing in that it was clearly heard and communicated and that he would bother to say this to me.....for what reason? I ponder still. To try to understand this I felt into the incident, and I felt his leering, his hubris, his hatred for woman. He was snarky and proud in the most twisted way. I think this is why he came to me, a woman....to drive his nail.

From link below, interesting info there and this interview from a mans perspective and his experiences with a demiurge/father/god/misogynist/psychopath.


*Note; I started off with my own summations, but I chose to simply copy/paste some quotes.....but I  underlined my words.

*first point was this ''guests'' last point, is that this planet is going to explode and END. That's first.....so lifes a bitch, then we go boom. Wayne thinks this is a beautiful ending to a movie. Effin odd how they think of all this on Earth as ''entertainment'', or ''challenges'' or ''a game'' or a ''theatre'', ''IF-THEN-(or) ELSE contract codes'', and all of that ilk. I don't get this, its foreign and dangerously retarded thinking. But common.

* That the way to "get into his perception of heaven'' which was a cube with walls and square shaped, is through love, kindness, mercy, compassion, all those sentiments associated with the qualities of (unmolested/unbrainwashed) woman. Hence we can understand this demiurges ways on this planet, his misogyny and subjugation of woman throughout history, all things of male dominance and their destructions, murderings, killings, pedophiliacs etc.....to destroy those feminine virtues. And that though this is the entrace he says to get to 'heaven', that square one, yet here on Earth where we live, when you do exercise such virtues they will send those agents to come in and destroy you and your close ones because your light is throwing the demiurges ''balance'' out of whack.

*this demiurge is a father figure and its all about HIS game, there is no female equivalent nor partner, nor feminine presence, its a father thing and all about absolute total control over the creation of the original god who this 'guest' says had a feminine presence, because it wasn't the hateful father god he was used to. However, his perception of this god loving or not was from a cubed shaped 'heaven'....in a spaceship type thing...and this is suspect too. Demiurges apparently come in octaves.

*the percentage of light here is 2/3 and the dark is 1/3, and this is the 'balance' figure that keeps this 'game' going. Go down to 50/50 and it WILL BE THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES who will end his game in which he FAILS, its GAME OVER for this father/demon/demiurge guy, so he makes sure the Light beings come in and do some good to keep this 2/3-1/3 ratio of his going on and on, the game alive.

*there is no saving anything ''its not about saving this planet'' is ALL ABOUT THIS FATHER DEMIURGE'S GAME, from murders, to raping of women, to mutilations, to war, all of it.....to prove he is better than "Light". !make sense?

''I'm talking about this Demiurge, or whatever you want to call it, the guy who does all the contracts. He records everything. He's like the Producer, okay, and he's producing this show. It's HIS show.''

*after his meeting with this loving being/god?, he is dismissed and begins to fall...finds himself surrounded by orbs of other types of beings all in queue line for a very dark door, he's falling now through space and a chinese looking dragon behind him. He looks back and sees this place he was in:
''Well, it could have been rectangular but the perspective of it was so huge and giant but it had a top, a bottom, sides, and it could have been a rectangle but it seemed like a square... cube... whatever. And this is pre Star Trek Borg, you know. I understood this before then. It was square, It was like a big, gigantic metal spaceship. It's flyng...floating in space and it ain't a planet, you know. It ain't round. it's got that door, the inverse. Walking out it's dark, but when you look back it's light.'' (so those who die see the light, but from inside its dark)

*Wayne: Okay, so all of a sudden you stopped. You're entering the Earth's atmosphere. [Guest: Right.] [Guest: BAM!!] Then BAM!! What happened? Guest: I'm like right in front of this Norman Rockwell kinda of looking guy -- big, long flowing white hair... big white beard... [Wayne: Sounds like Santa Claus ] ...nah, it aint't that. You ain't gonna think it's Santa Claus after this although a lot of people... we'll talk about that later... He had burning, red eyes... brassy face... brass-colored face. But he's translucent kinda like the gold up in 'heaven', whatever you want to call that place. And he's SEVERE. This guy's not somebody that you wanna mess with. I mean, he's just full of SERIOUS intent. I mean, very, very serious guy and he's got all these star maps and he's showing them to me and I'm like absorbing it and he's trying to explain to me everything and I'm having to make some agreements to go into a body and he's showing me why. THIS star's aligned with THIS and THIS galaxy and THIS planet and THIS, THAT and it's like these maps.

"this demiurge causes waves on the planet, the light that pulls up and the dark that pulls down. the Light pulled UP, the Darkness pulled DOWN and it was a perfect balance to him. And he was trying to explain to me how HE was superior to the Light. Okay. How WAS he superior? Because he had this thing balanced. Everybody lined up for miles and miles to come here because they wanted to experience what he has, and what he has is this perfect balance of 1/3 Light and 2/3... I mean 2/3 Light and 1/3 Darkness. It's like a counterbalance, the ying and yang thing. But the Lightness, it's more Light than it is Dark and it's not always exactly in balance. What he was describing is that he needed me to DO some things, to keep the balance of Light up because if they're aren't people doing 'Light' things then the balance gets too wonkered and it gets too dark and it's like GAME OVER -- everybody goes home, it's DONE. And he has to... he can not... I mean, people call him the Devil. How can a guy be the Devil who wants good things to happen, you know, that wants 'Light' things to happen, that wants Love, kindness, joy? (keep reading)
the motive is totally insincere, you know what I mean? [Wayne: Right ] It's just because he wants to prove that he's better, you know, than the Light. He says, Look. I got all these people that come down here... trillions of souls, spirits... they all come down here... they line up.
and he showed me how I can influence the world in a positive way, meaning Light. And he didn't say the word 'positive' okay, that's MY words. Okay, he's saying he needs me to do this. (demiurge needs pawn/false light)

Wayne: He just wants the system perpetuated. He wants to keep it going otherwise it's GAME OVER [Guest: yeah,] and his system wasn't so good to begin with, or something? Guest: Imagine him. He creates tension. He creates tension between me and you. Between me and the Catholics. Me and the Baptists. Me and the Muslims. Me and the Communists. He creates the tension to create the waves, you know what I mean?
And he showed me that it's HIS game and if I want to participate I've got to agree to do what he says. And you know what that means? He showed me what that means.

''He tells the story of his failure [Wayne: Failure?] Yeah, and why would he do that? He ultimately concedes. He's in a chess game and he starts losing and when he starts losing... and I'll tell you when -- there's going to be a period of Darkness and he showed me this. Now this is a little bit different how he showed me. Okay, I saw at least three books -- two of them, they blend together somehow. However, one of them I literally saw from a camera outside the Earth, a fixed camera, like it never moves. And it's there. And from this fixed camera I saw the Earth pop up there and then I saw it go through different phases. First it was really beautiful. It wasn't completely light, but it was beautiful, pristine. Then it starts to get a little darker, it gets lighter. That 2/3 balance thing he's showing me how good of a game he's played, what a good chess player he is, right? He's showing me how he manipulates things. When things get a little bit out of whack over here, he lets more Light in, more of your Light folks, those folks who do Light things like love, kindness, joy, compassion, mercy. He starts letting more of THOSE in, right, because he wants to keep his little chess game going [Wayne: Like a juggling act almost ] Yeah, and so he's doing this and then there's the ones that are pulling DOWN and they're like the spirits that cling to us, okay. So all the while you think he's Mr. Nice Guy -- no way!

''Okay, I think God split up and I think what God the Light created was a lesser aspect of... of... HERself... I want to say Herself in that that Lightthat I saw in heaven felt more FEMININE than masculine... maybe that's too strong. You know, it's too strong to say 'feminine', but it was less [ Wayne: Not if that's the way you experienced it ] Well, you know, masculine to me is this abusive Father that I see in my religion as opposed to this loving Divine kind being that never ever changes.
Wayne: But you experienced the Demiurge as a male? Guest: Yeah, it was male. It was and he was trying to show me how his game was better than the Light game. you know, you go up there [Wayne: Was he convincing at all? He makes a good presentation?] He made a good presentation, you know, because I signed up, didn't I? I came back.
Wayne: In order to come here did you have to agree... you were talking about some kind of agreements.
Guest: Oh, yeah. Imagine if you were a computer programmer and they have statements called IF-THEN-ELSE statements. Imagine that if there's this one plan that he shows you and if you do ALL of THIS, everything you dream of will come true and it will be more or less painless and you'll walk through life and you'll be, you know, the savior of the world, right, and yet you get to be the hero, you know? Wayne: Really? That's what the main plan was... you get to be... he's like appealing to your ego... you'll be the savior, the hero kind of thing?
Guest: NO.

*So this demiurge fails in the end but keeps hell on earth going because he likes his game....he's a contract kinda guy, and its all to serve him. Where I come from this does not exist............. contracts are not universally normal, nor of Light, its a demiurge thing.

Guest: He's admitting he fails. [Wayne: Does he? ] He DID. And why would he do that except that he's saying, "look" [Wayne: He admitted that he failed in showing you how the game ends?] Right. He fails with his 2/3 Light strategy. It doesn't work. Eventually... [Wayne: Why is that?] Because the world gets out of control. Wayne: People start refusing to come back and play the game? Guest: Yeah. yeah.
Wayne: They're not reincarnating? Guest: They don't want to reincarnate or whatever you want to call it. They won't sign the contracts anymore. Whenever you're a chess player... I'm a chess player, okay... and if I'm playing against a computer and I know I'm going to lose and I'm behind a piece, I might as well quit.

*And here he talks about the manipulations, or what we are calling ''psychic attacks'' and ''matrix agents'' or ''organic portals'' that are all sent in for the pulling down of Light....so the 2/3 of us does not succeed nor increase......
interesting how this guest understands this ''game'' I dont see this as a game, I see it as a creational atrocity of psychopathic insanity, illogical. Contracts, game-think, think-tank types, ''balance keepers'', ''gate-keepers'', ''controlling men/demiurges/men-in-black'' etc...all the traits of aberrations, not of Spirit.
''You start listening to your intuitions and sometimes your intuitions are NOT RIGHT THOUGH because sometimes they're pulling DOWN... they're pulling DOWN and that's that... if you talk about that Demiurge, the guy with the brassy face, flaming eyes... he doesn't ALWAYS want you to do good because he doesn't want to mess it up the OTHER way, you see what I'm saying because it's GAME OVER for HIM. you see? It's GAME OVER for him either way. If the balance gets too bright, he loses. If the balance gets too dark, he loses. He has to keep it in that happy medium. So if you're really going to change the world, he's going to come against you. Wayne: So it's perfectly balanced Is 50% sustainable? Guest: No, it's 2/3... 66 and 2/3 is perfect for him [Wayne: But you were saying if it gets.. ] too low. If it gets below 50 percent, then who wants to play in a world where you don't know whether you're going to live or die today.

''I saw everything, but I'm not allowed to remember it. And why... and here's what I wanna know: why would he let me remember this whole thing? It's because he wants us to know. Otherwise, he wouldn't have told us. He wouldn't have told me and I wouldn't be telling you if he didn't want me to. If it was like GAME OVER for him, he wouldn't want me to, you know what I'm saying? if it's going to pull things either way... if it's really going to make a difference, if it's really going to change the world in such a big way that it either pulls the whole world down into Chaos or it lifts it up out and it doesn't happen...because he doesn't want that.

''There ARE people pulling uP and that's the reason why everytime you see something really awesome and it seems like it's going to get off the ground, everybody's gong to get behind it and all of a sudden, water gets thrown all over.... they end up calling them 'crackpots' or whatever...'ridiculous'. Their intention was right. They were going along and then they get discredited, humiliated. The Media comes out and blasts them and then it just dies.''

Wayne: I was just gonna say, yeah, the Media has so much power to try and control a lot of the masses thinking, but with the Internet and some podcasts and the freedom -- who knows how long we'll have it -- but there IS a window of opportunity there for us to reach out and get hold of some people -- alternative Media, basically.
Guest: Yeah, it's kind of like an aspirin though, you know what I mean by it being an aspirin -- alternative media, the Internet, things like that because it stops us from doing REAL things. I mean, I do it. I'm just as guilty as everbody else because I want to know more. I wanna know what's coming, but how we act is diminished sometimes by it. I'm not saying it CAN'T be a powerful force. It's good, but it can't ALL be done behind a microphone and it can't ALL be done on a web site. It has to be incoprorated into our inside of us and THAT is like what creates the waves. I'm not saying a website can't, because it DOES. In fact, those vibrations? They go out and they go out across the entire universe.

Guest: That wave that I Was talking about. [Wayne: Yeah, the wave. ] My great sadness though is that I could do my VERY best and then they're going to send in the counters... you know, the pulling down. They'll pull down your family. They'll pull down whatever you're working on. If you're working on something that's REALLY cool, they'll try to drag you down in another area to keep you from REALLY accomplishing that absolutely transformational thing. And they'll drag you down and they'll hurt you and they'll hurt the people around you. And when they hurt the people around you that are not spiritually like there -- full blown, I've got my protections out. I know what's coming. I can hear the voice of the, the ... I can literally.. if I go and listen, for example, at church I don't even have to know their language and know what they're saying is either sounds like the Light or it sounds like the Demiurge. It either sounds like Love or it sounds like this 2/3 god that people call God.

Wayne: You don't remember how exactly that happened. I mean, was it a revolution or war? Did you see the transition?
Guest: I saw the Darkness, then I saw the Light completely covering the Earth. The Light finally goes through unshielded. The Demiurge, as you called him, just completely gives up. He says, "I lose -- GAME OVER. You won. No more people are coming here anymore." But the remnant -- there will be a remnant -- the remnant will Wayne: So we all won't just go back to Heaven at that point? [Guest: No.] GAME OVER. Earth over... GO back to Heaven. We'll actually have a beautiful...
Guest: Well, people will start coming back whenever the Earth gets wiped out. And, you know, there's all kinds of horrible, awful people who want to kill, most the planet. And they're trying to bring this on. And all I can tell you is that their intentions even though they have two intentions. Their one intention is because the Earth needs to have the population reduced. But the other intention is nefarious -- killing people is not good but they have this dual, bipolar mentality that makes them think that what they're doing is good when in fact it is the polar opposite. If you're poisoning children so that there won't be as much children on the Earth, shame on you. I'm sorry, there's gotta be a better way to do it than poisoning them and killing them.

Wayne: Yeah, that's one of the problems I have with... that's THE biggest problem I have with reincarnational system is how can you grow and learn if you don't remember what you're being rewarded or punished for? You don't remember your past life, right? Now maybe in the spirit world you've got lessons and classes... but while we're HERE we don't remember.
Guest: Well, it's kind of spiritual muscle memory. I think that we gain some, but then depending upon what we do, right out of the box we start crying for our mom's tit and then we get jealous whenever she doesn't give it to us and so right off the bat we're already creating that separation. And then the mom gets tired of the child's crying and puts them out of the room, closes the door. There's so much that we think we can work our way through, but we're not living inside of that little baby. Honestly, I think it's too hard. It disgusts me, the wars that we're in. I know that my own country is bombing women, children that didn't mean us harm. In fact, they like us, some of them, that we're killing. Wow, you're just bombing somebody that was waiting for you to save them, and yet you're bombing them. How's that good?

Wayne: So what happens at the very end?

Guest: Oh, wow. You know, this is probably the longest interview I've ever gone through [Wayne: 3 hours ] but I think it's important to say what happens at the very end. At the very end the whole Earth explodes and there's nothing that takes its place -- the camera stays there until the end of Time. So everybody who thinks the new world is right here. It ain't. The world that we're creating is the world that we're going to have and the one that we rebuild is going to be the one we have. so we ought to be trying to save it instead of hurting it. And there IS an end though. Whenever the world ends, there's a last day for this Earth and internally it just blows up. And the souls -- those orbs of Light I talked about, the ones that were Costa Rica, the ones that were brilliant, singing, joyful -- they go out, splinter out all over the universe and they're like starseeds. They seed the galaxies and the Universe with human beings who actually survived up to that point. They're complete souls. They're filled full of Light and they lived outstanding lives. The World blows up though and the thing is: People think that it's never going to end. Time ends... and it DOES end. And when it DOES end we're going to get to see our stories -- and our stories are important. And I think we ought to create a Love Story, that's what I think. Now that story that I told you, it sounded like War and Peace, but -- it was three hours long -- but I think that it needed to be told and I don't know if it gets told in one setting . But I did what I could for 3 hours. I saw a lot more than THAT.

Wayne: That's a BEAUTIFUL ending. (! seriously Wayne!?) That's like worthy of an Oscar. You talk about motion pictures. When we watch this back it's going to be... people are really going to be cheering for that. Anything else you wanna add? I guess we can start wrapping up.


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Serena, Lady of the Woods 


  1. Very good written plea from man to women to tell them NO....

  2. thank you so much dear.
    for being positive.
    and showing me what these guys(fuckers) do when me at home.
    and i don't want someone to talk about my respectful mom. she raised a dope.
    they not goint to understand it.
    the fun is not in the ending.
    the journey of our life we meet other people we connect you get to know different things.
    although if you want to talk about those two cunts they are living their reality in their dream world only.
    after seeing this post i can personally tell you i like cuddling more.
    the real meaning of living is loving.
    and i can see how excited they are about their plans of future but they don't know life is a very funny way of showing those feeding your demons and there other side people like you trying to make this blog readable.
    and just for your own interest ya i have my days of partying and getting wasted.
    it's not the life i want to choose for myself.
    these two are retards they both living their life thinking about future so much they are not enjoying the presence of the being.
    I respect my surrounding and have been waiting for the right girl who understands me .
    we have been to those experiences thats why growing trying to understand more just oh yeah and talking about moon will not change the present. sex we do its your mind getting fucked.
    that the secret flow when the other is also vibrating. ..or else you giving to much efforts and nothing will be happening i like to rest my head with piece of mind.
    but this night was one hell of a night got to know about two personality.
    it was honour to connect with you.
    please decide if you want this post or not.

    1. I'm not sure I understand all this, but thanks for sharing.

  3. A worthy response from a reader:

    Hi Serena,
    Lot's of interesting points in this email. First, I did get on your blog, but in all honesty, I couldn't read much of the interview, not only because the guy was a total asshole, but because he was a PHONY--there to get a rise out of his listeners. And why were you listening? Because he created an EMOTIONAL reaction in you. Our nasty little personal software program, remember, is tuned to our particular DNA, thought patterns, memories, both this life and the past. It runs on our emotions, so therefore, will seek out situations that cause an emotional reaction. That's why I said, in order to shut down and delete this program, you CANNOT allow yourself to be emotionally involved. Separate yourself from your emotions, and you will have the power to shut this thing down. Once a computer file is infected with malware, it is powerless to fight it. It takes something operating outside itself, like Malwarebytes, or any anti-malware program ON your computer but operating OUTSIDE its system. We are powerless to fight the Matrix while we are in it. We have to go outside ourselves to fight it, and the part of ourselves devoid of emotion IS OUTSIDE THE MATRIX. That's why, the closer you come to getting free, the harder the program works to keep you emotionally involved. Hence, all the highly emotional scenarios now being played out upon this operating system called planet earth. The guy in the interview was nothing but bytes and pixels, as are our governments, military, bankers, and, well you know who they are. They're emotional triggers created by programs.
    As far as this planet being run by the darkness, I disagree. The darkness was destroyed eons ago, but they left us installed with this nasty little software. It matters not whether it is darkness or lightness, they are just flip sides of the same coin, and STILL the Matrix. We have to escape the whole shebang!! IT'S NOT REAL, neither the "good" or the "bad"--NONE OF IT. Does that make more sense?
    As far as "testing" new knowledge, I "wear it" for a while, too. And often outside happenings will strangely confirm my new theories. But there's a good chance they came through the "program" to instill a sense of, yep, emotion. Wow, I got it, I'm so happy. . .Wrong again. Through the years, I have been led down some precarious paths. The ONLY confirmation that we have entered new and useful data into our systems is if we find that a major shift was created in our life.
    As I said, you gotta learn to think like a computer to understand this software and how it does its sneaky work.......


  4. Hi, Serena
    I am going to have to read all of this a few times to get what Wayne and the Guest are discussing. As it is a lot to read and some of it fits with scriptures, down to the SEVERE looking entity the Guest said no one would want to mess with. But the mind-manupulating 'thing' which you mentioned the Guest said people usually have two agendas, or mindsets to any given situation in order to 'get what they want' did not fit with the way most women think,like you pointed out; which the male mind, like you said, going on a date to really have sex? A second agenda, or motive. If that is the way most male minds work, no thanks either. And if men 'assume' that is what a woman wants TOO, is total debauchery of the feminine Life Force of Light. I do know one man, recently, who was in a Christian Bible Study, and he actually said, he wished he could go back to the time in his youth when he didn't know so much about sexual things. It seems he was kind of sick of it. Which I can totally relate to also. Just to be a pure being, with no hang-ups, or with society the way it is, it jumps to the sex frame of mind, when a man is around a woman for any length of time. It's just 'there' like the elephant in the room. It would be such a relief not to have 'that' hanging over our heads anytime a man and a woman are in contact just to have a conversation about Life. Maybe this is why it is so difficult for men to have a conversation about anything with a woman because 'it' is always apparent first and foremost because the is the fact of the opposite sex scenario. Whatever. Most men don't seem to be able to get over this hurdle of the 'physical' law of attraction. The dark side must be oozing with it, obviously, as that is how they think their power over man materializes through dark evil matter, such as porn, etc. Which the dark entities are doing a 'good' job of entertaining the debauchery of human flesh in this entertainment driven realm. Anyway, the Earth only has its Sun to brighten its landscape in the mortal world. The Creator dare not show his face, or we would all be consumed with his brightness, not yet anyway, as it does say that 'The Creator will vanquish evil with the brightness of His coming.' That is how powerful the Eternal Spirit is. For now, the darkness thinks it is in control, yet how wrong they are. And yes, the dark entities are doing every thing possible to manipulate the world so as to suck as many souls into the Abyss at the end, as there will be no other place in the newly created universe for evil. Like a vortex which will suck the evil away forever. If a person is worried about not remember this life as a human, there is a book of remembrance being written as I type this, which is logging all thoughts pure and holy, and I believe, when we do become one with the pure universe, we will be able to read about the lives of humans, and we may read about ourselves. There is something about wanting to know who we were, again, in another life. To know we had a mission to work against the powers of darkness, and we will see that Light over came all evil in the end. This is my hope, and my journey, and my chosen destiny. I'm trying to keep is simple here.
    Love and light to you, my friend.
    Miss Teresa


I enjoy hearing from you.