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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Energetics: Lighter, Free-er, More Peaceful *Update

Hello All....

I just have to make a quick energetics report. I have been feeling this new peace consistently since November 2015. Initially I thought it was due to some inner work I have done but nothing has had this effect upon me thus far and certainly not so quickly. I have done nothing really different and usually peace does not descend upon one from one day to the next, it involves a transition phase. I had none.
I have absolutely no reason to feel this and every reason to still feel the anxiety I've lived with, but I am feeling peace and it is consistent.

What it feels like: when I investigate and go inside I find an absence of something, something that was there clinching and pinching my inner spirit and contaminating my soul from the outside. Whatever this is, this new peace, feels more like something has left or gone and I am now free-er to feel just me....and to begin to feel even more of me, and have the space to regenerate my spirit and soul. I do not know what caused this as I said I have every reason to be still feeling the anxiety I have been plagued with for so many years, but it is simply gone, poof.
I have spoken with someone who said that an equinox energy occurred in Nov.2015 but I do not know, I've never experienced any equinox or solstice energy like this at all even though they take place 4 times per year. What I am experiencing now is dramatic. 'Something evil is gone' is how I'm understanding this, is how this is felt in my body. One can speculate how and I why, I cannot keep up with all that is going around, all I know is something is gone that should never have been and I am cautiously relieved. I wonder if anyone else is feeling this? Does anyone know of something that happened in November 2015?

That said, I wanted to also say, that energetically the sun is getting on my last nerve. I live in sunny south Florida and it is alot of sun which I loved for most of my life until recently. Lately I have found myself doing the oddest thing, for a sun lover, is closing the blinds, drawing curtains and just living in the cool, calmer energy of sunless light, living by candles and I'm loving it. This might have appeared to be a symptom of depression but it is not at all, I'm not depressed at all, I feel great when the sun is closed off. Its effects upon me now feel as the color red which I do not like at all, it is far too loud, ostentatious, and intense, too fast, too bright, too aggressive. I'm loving the cooler, quiet, calmer, darker hush of sunless light, and beeswax candles.

I am also finding myself engaging again in things of great beauty and mindful meditative movements in everything I do. From the moment I arise from a beautifully made bed of pure cotton bedding in a room painted pearl grey to which I added ground tourmaline powder for transformative energies... to how to dress for the day, to how I go to sleep at night scented with beautiful powders and oils. I use only the most beautiful objects for everyday living. I am preparing all my own natural organic body products in beautiful containers of glass. I am preparing the most beautiful and healthful foods and am packing lunches in wooden bento boxes for the housemate and learning Japanese cooking.


I have bought the most healthful teas and put them in beautiful tea canisters for ceremoniously making of teas for health and beauty.

I do not follow the precepts or concepts of father time, it is not the way of the human especially of the woman or the feminine eternal, timeless one of Spirit. I do not have any awareness of time unless the sun is coming up or going down, or if I feel tired enough to sleep. That is all I know of the passing of time....which is not really time but the turning of the earth and the sun. I am a Spirit eternal.

Also.....I am having severe aversions to reading or listening to others talking...even if I want to read or listen, I keep trying but I keep getting lost, distracted or turned off until I shut it all off and walk.

And I am loving all of this. It feels as if I have been freed of something and am now engaging in my Spirits loves of natural beauty and harmony with Mother Nature again.
I'd love to hear from others.

1/27/16: I have since received this video of Alex Collier speaking and he mentions somethings that happened in November, namely that the ''dark fence'' has come down at the time, he explains more but the entire video is worth listening to in my humble opinion.

Serena, Lady of the Woods


  1. Good to hear that not only me experiencing that kind of spiritual changing in everyday life. I noticed that my way of earthly being is more calm like,living in own type world, when nothing really affected me negatively. I can't say when that transition have place but I know that was not so long ago like last year ending. It's make me feel funny sometimes about is that because type of food I eat and state of spiritual mind are starting developing that noticeable changing or maybe mother Earth rising consciousness vibration. Anyway it's make me feel more lighter. Thank you Serena for that article. Peace. Magdalena.

    1. Magdalena thank you for responding. It is odd, but it is real. I just would like to know what caused this. I do believe you have a good point about Mother Earth, as I feel this feeling is directly connected to the "greater energies" of this planet and the aethers, rather than to the collective consciousness of people. So I am responding as I do to the sun and all Earthly natural events, to its energy, is my suspicion too. What is also odd is how so many others I am hearing from, actually everyone, is speaking of how horrid things are, and how everything is totally gone to shit....and here I am feeling peace....again, I am the canary in the mine and feeling something before others.


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