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Monday, August 3, 2015

What Your Frequency or Vibration Is and Is Not

There is alot of talk about ''raising your vibrations''....as if this will qualify you for higher information, ascending, connection with God, and all of that, including being impervious to negative entity attacks and ''bad luck''. Do you understand all of this? Do you understand what they are telling you?

I have alot to say about this both from seeing beautiful souls being tormented out there from living in totally sick patriarchal dead systems of all kinds, to my personal experience.
When I speak of people here, it is mostly those humanE beings, not merely human beings. There is a huge difference, and I speak to humane beings.

What happens when one is born is they are born with an already pure light and innocence which is already high vibrational. If horrid shit happens when you're a baby, then your ''vibration'' goes down with the trauma, they say! Usually traumas continue especially if you have parents who did not plan for you in love, conceive you in love and set up a life for you with proper home and natural elements for you to learn from and grow up in. All of life on earth is set up by sickness and systems designed by the male/alien mind from schooling to religions, to how cities are planned/developed, concreted over and everything regimented into corporate feeding dens of stupidifying intentions. You are simply there to feed the execratory corporate bottom line. This is also traumatizing to the Spirit and will make it sick. They may install ''parks'' but if you see the ones here they are merely trees with a few wooden borders to walk on but traffic all around. These they call ''parks''. It is supposed to be enough for your Spirit. It is not. Not for the true Spirits who are aligned with Soul and Love. We need natural landscapes unscathed by man, to live in and surrounded by. Nature feeds our Spirits.

So one is tormented from birth in many ways, then life is often set up by unseens and diabolical soul contracts we supposedly agreed to in ignorance on the "other side". Shit happens. Alot. You are told to suck it up and move on. Ignore them, send out love and light and you will be fine. But traumas get locked into your cells and though they scream for help, you do not realize how your own body energy systems work. You ignore the screams, go to school then to work. They say, Your ''vibration'' goes down. They say. You become a low vibration person because you are hurting, in pain, suffering. After years of this you get frustrated, angry (understandably), sick, are filled with pains and often disease. All of this due to energetics that were inflicted upon you and you didn't know how it works, or where it came from or how to remediate them within yourself. You get further sick. You go to doctors, but though they diagnose and prescribe, they offer no cures. Curious this, that the medical industry offers no cures for anything, but they have tons of drugs to choose from to ''treat'' your thousands of symptoms. You again are serving a patrix system devised by male minds to enslave you.
We all have Post Traumatic Stress, and are living with mild to acute Stockholm Syndrome which ''they'' are trying to blow up full on for everyone. CONSENT DENIED!
The cures of the Mother are ridiculed by the very ones who rape our natural forests, by pharmacists to find the medicinal plants they can mimic chemically and poison you with the fake version, while the natural ones that heals are made illegal, in favor of their chemicals. The Mother cries.


Natural Energy and psi abilities in people vilified. Naturally psychic women were called crazy but are now drafted and weaponized. You did not create this.

These same psi abilities prevalent in women are extorted by black governments and military to have power over you. You did not create this either.

Your drugs and medications bring you lower in ''vibration'', they say. Yes, you will feel like shit, but your essential "Vibration" remains.
Years go by. You seek and often never find relief or help. Some remedies and alternative treatments may work for some but not all. Why is that? Why is this ambiguous and complicated? How deep does this go?
So you wonder again, why the pain and suffering, and you can give in or give up, or continue to inquire even more deeply if you are determined to live free. You read or are told repeatedly your vibration is low, if you raise your vibration you will not be sick, not be hurt, you will be able to manifest anything and your life will be in your own control. You do all they tell you, for 5, 10, 20 years and still nothing really improves. Often you get worse. Why is that? They tell you again and again, your vibration is low. You meditate, walk in nature, get a dog or a cat and find love there, but your life is slipping into aging. You still seek.
You are told that the reason terrible things happen, you are raped as a baby etc, whatever the horror is, is because you were a vibrational match to it. How is a baby a vibrational match for rape?!

They tell you your life is shit because you have been vibrating at such a low level for so long you have created a life of suffering all by yourself, it is all because of you.

It turns out the people of this planet do not know they swim in a sea of energies, and entities, all of whom can see Beings of Light and they affect you, and others thoughts affect you and can create the mood of your day by their strong thoughts and emotions and we swim in this sea of unseen forces moving everything around us every moment of our lives. You are not alone in what is happening around you or with you nor did you create your life all by yourself, not by a long shot! There were many many other energies which created with you, a plethora of energies, and these are creating your life with you, some with intent and some through sheer ignorance. Those mostly in ignorance would be the people who walk around you, but those who do so with intent are mostly unseen. They have created some of your life for you.

For some, those unseens are in great numbers to deliberately take you off your course of Living in your Light because of your Light. Moths fly to a flame and if your flame is bright they will come in great numbers and they will not go away. They will cloud your Light, and you will feel this cloud. You will feel a sense of ickness or darkness around you all the time thinking it the dross of the outer world and never understand what it is or its source. You can feel your self inside and be happy to be out sporting, gardening, shopping, cooking etc, but this cloud around you remains a mystery. These ones also attract other clouds of darkness to them and to you too. More shit happens. It is not your fault. You are a feeling being, unaware of how your emotions are also entities becoming. They don't teach this in your schools, but the dark forces have esoteric schools which teach this to the controllers. Instead those forces who design your schooling and religious systems will give you useless algebra or will teach you how to pray and implore some god for help for your sins. BULLSHIT. Its all a set up against you. YOU must be something!
And there are far more creatures in our plane of existence both physical and non that are aware of how energies are created and that they do this to you on purpose for the duration of your life. All you know is how you feel. You do not know why or how all of this is created. "Raise your vibration" they tell you. Go meditate by a tree. Get a crystal. Do affirmations. All partial truths hence lies.
It is not your fault. It does not work that way. You cannot just meditate and find release or relief. Maybe some do but they do not have serious problems. I am not talking about merely having traffic frustrations, or inability to make money, I'm talking sabotage on the energetic levels designed to ruin your life.
The lies they tell you are lies because they are only partial in truth, and omission is egregious lie. It is a crime. A crime against you for not telling you how it all works. And high ignorance and popular beliefs are the most promulgated.

Your vibration, I will tell you now what it is and why this archontic lie of you needing to raise your vibration to ascend, to be able to manifest, to feel good and happy, to be impervious to dark attacks etc is bullshit lies.
Your vibration is what you are in essence, what you are at birth before you were born and just what this essence is is pure love and is high and loving and peaceful and innocent. I cannot tell you just how high is the consciousness of those beings who are innocent, it is the very foundation of love itself and cosmic benevolence.  You are born this way. If what those people say was true, that you attract negative things to you because your vibration is low, then when you are pure and innocent and vibrating as high as a baby, why does horrid shit happen to you? Lets take this a bit further and ask also Why do dolphins and whales get mutilated in the oceans for sport?


Are they low vibration beings? Did they attract this brutality because they vibrate low?
Neither are you a ''vibrational match'' to being bombarded with elf frequencies deliberately done to the masses with technologies to make you sick, confused and electro-magentically unbalanced. You did not do this and neither did you vibrate at that technology level. "They" do that to people. Not you.
I could go on and on with this but you get the point. It is not you.

What happens to you when you are innocent YOU DID NOT ATTRACT TO YOU. YOUR VIBRATION WAS ALREADY HIGH. THESE HORRORS DO NOT HAPPEN BECAUSE YOUR VIBRATION IS LOW...... THEY HAPPEN TO YOU BY DEMONICS BECAUSE YOUR VIBRATION IS HIGH. Then when you begin to suffer from them because they have not been healed, your emotions go down, you get sick, and suffer for long periods of time, often an entire lifetime not knowing what you did to deserve this.
It WAS NOT YOU. It was solely the forces of darkness which abhor your Light and Innocence and do all kinds of things throughout your life to make you suffer even more. It is all about keeping your emotions in pain so you do not rise to your own occasion. It is all about suppression, clouding your light, smothering your light and love so you do not feel free enough from hurting to enjoy your own light and to share it brilliantly and beautifully with others.
It is not your fault.

The fact is, your vibration is what is in your Heart and in your Spirit as the Innocent you were born as, and this remains your vibration no matter what. You are your Hearts Signature, not what your emotions feel! Please know this. You are always the love and beauty that you were when you were born, not what happens to you. You are not what happens to you. You are who you were created as and that is a being of Loving Light.
Your emotional state does not dictate ''what your vibration is''.....and if you are hurting for a lifetime, it does not mean you are a low vibration person. This is slapping the victim, do not fall for this.

Many of us are broken, hurt, diseased, in pain, coping and confused at what all is happening on this planet and seeing what is happening to others hurts us too. WE cannot escape hurting from assaults coming from every direction possible, but this in no way makes you a low vibrating person and attractor for dark attacks, disease, entity attachments, or bad luck or anything like that.
It is not just ''like attracts like''! The other law is that "opposites attract'' too and if you are a high vibrating person then you will attract some ugly shit for as long as you are a high vibrating person! This could be your entire life especially if they have not broken you or your heart. The times coming will be a huge test.

Pain and hurt gets trapped in our bodies, in our cells and we continue to hurt not knowing how to heal that trapped energy. This creates ongoing pain too, make no mistake, but it was not your cause nor your fault.

There are techniques we can use to release these energies and one of them Emotional Freedom Techniques which can be found on youtube. I would suggest spending lots of time understanding this technique which is ridiculously simple and easy to do, often profoundly effective, and doing these for as much time as it takes to effect positive changes. Millions of people are experiencing dramatic healings from this. I like non invasive easy to do, at home treatments.
Devote yourself to your healing in gentle and powerful ways.
This particular video blew me away! Her story involved so much dark shit that she herself had nothing to do with creating except for living in circumstances which were beyond her control and which she did not set up or create herself but unknowingly got into, for example, the navy.....but yet she got over these horrendous things. The strength of women boggles my mind and humbles me deeply. Frank MacEowan talks alot about the critically essential Mothering Powers in ''The Mist Filled Path''.
You can also find a very loving grandmother and spend time with her.

Know that you, those who read my blog anyway, as there are some people who are not human nor humane....but you, the empathic and peace loving one are already a High Vibration Being regardless of what happened to you. Feeling hurt or feeling like shit does not change your essence, you remain the same being in heart and in Spirit, and this is why the onslaughts continue to keep you suppressed. If you are crying or in pain, suffering for years, depressed or hopeless, you are still not a low vibrating person. You are only manipulated. But You are powerful. If not, they would not do this to you. Know your power.

I will suggest other things too while I'm at it until deeper healings are made. I am on this path myself, healing from all that has happened in my own life.

I will suggest to smudge with sage on a regular basis. Get around 10 large bundles from ebay the cheapest there, store them in a dry place and use them often even daily. This works for certain dark forces or entities but not all of them. Not sure which are which. These entities that smudging removes cause physical pains and mental confusion and emotional turmoil. You'll be surprised what the smudging will do in tandem with a sea salt shower or bath, daily. Test this.
Continue with the relentless Power of Spirit to confirm that you are only the peace, love, (fill in blank) that you were born as in essence.
Play only soft music, sounds of nature, choir music, childrens choir, flutes and soft melodies which make you feel soft and you can breath deeply. Surround yourself as much as you can with living plants. Bring them inside and water them appropriately. Clear out whatever you do not need from your home, what is not used or beautiful to you. Use candles as a source of the element of gentle fire and spirit. Eat only organic, and make green smoothies every day. Drink only distilled water gently spiked with Sole Solution. Also Blue Solar Water. 
I used to drink this but forgot about until I came across it again the other day. I made some and the next day when I woke up feeling greatly agitated and a feeling of dread in my abdomen, I drank some of the solar water and immediately the dread dissipated and I was blown away. I will continue this one.
There is alot more one can do, if you have any questions, just ask.
Avoid unnecessary chatting, and all external noise. Switch off electrical devices at their power source box in the house, not just the wall switch.
Continually connect with Nature, trees, landscapes and the Mother.

Sensitive beings cannot watch television especially movies now as they are rife with alien and diabolical material and characters and subliminal time-released programming. Did you know that life imitates art and that what ''they put out'' in movies and we respond to emotionally literally creates what they ''they are putting out'' ? Be very careful of what you watch, what goes into your eyes hence brain. Reality-shows also are an alien mimic of their warped interpretations. Nature shows are safer, but those male producers cannot seem to put out anything that doesn't show violence in some form including Nature. These are designed to hurt sensitives who are humane.

Do not believe anything that tells you 'you are less than'. This is critical. If anything keep reaffirming anything that tells you, convinces you that you are a being of loving light and are here with purpose, that extends beyond yourself making a positive change in this world for all. Increase your sense of Worth.


You did not create your own reality, you have alot, ALOT of influences and manipulation from the unseens who manipulate energies and circumstances both around your life specifically and in life in general for all. There are billions of these forces at work.


What you need to know, and the point of this post in general is mostly to tell others who are beautiful, loving, hurting, soft, empathic, compassionate, caring people that though you are hurting and in pain, this is not your vibration. Your vibration is what you were born as and that is as an innocent, loving and pure being of Nature, and as long as you connect with that in your heart, your essence, you are vibrating high, and this is why the shit keeps coming to you. It is not your ''negativity''......it is the outer worlds negativity that assaults you.

Please know this and be gentle and loving with your selves.

Serena, Lady of the Woods


  1. Comment from Melinda:

    Hi Serena,

    I read your recent blog and agree that so much of the onus of our addictions and our PTSD, etc. has been placed upon us, the innocents, even though behind the scenes is an entirely different story of deceit, entrapment and all manner of premeditated predatory undermining's.
    And, yes, we remain true to our original, innocent nature.

    I am thrilled that you have encouraged tapping as one of the safest, and most effective means of self help.
    I never knew of the fast tapping method, but, hey, it seems to work just as well and I am all for it.
    I listened to the entire interview with Tiffany. very moving to tears.
    Both what she had to endure, plus her return to wholeness.
    Thanks for that excellent link.

    You go, girl!

  2. Thank you. This is absolutely true, and it heals anyone believing they are experiencing certain things because of karma. I remember always feeling like I was vibrating at a frequency higher than my surroundings. Then, yes, isolation, stress, doubt, fear, imbalances, auric parasites, all began to lower my frequency until major trauma that caused a tear in my aura auric body, almost rendered my spirit lifeless. I was actually bleeding energy uncontrollably. And the dark beings around me were feeding off of my pain and my light. I was able to experience the Lowery dimensions, which, I feel was a death, while still remaining connected to my body. Even if I you've never seen these other dimensions, they are there and are real. One could say they were real to me only because I experienced it, and I can agree with that. I was angry when I was crying out for help after crossing over and closet family thoug I was crazy. But, now-- I know. That was all part of the plan. The same beings that thrive in the darkness are keepers of the souls of light and set up a perpetual sacrafice ritual to resurrect, crucify, feed, then bury blind hope. The soul of Christ knows this all too well. That soul was trapped in a particular birth cycle, in a particular DNA frequency, and does NOT wish to ever incarnate in this particular Universe as a human, ever again. Sometimes the darkness is such a death, that one may agree to be sacraficed so that others may live,but that paradigm is parasitic. Death does not beget life. None of us are free unless we all are. I will never forget what I saw. The love is so much better than the memory of the darkness experienced in the depths, but one can never, ever be the same after seeing these things. To look at everyone in your life and know that it was contrived from birth is heartbreaking. I was like the extraterrestrial that was forced to buy into this crucifixion story, but felt that it was the antithesis to true, divine and Universal love. And they were angry at me. But, if they can only understand that act of transgression may have broken the cycle of death in this Universe, and that mankind was redeemed, not by a death, but by the decision to live and love. That soul had a right to be here.


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