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Sunday, August 9, 2015

We Do NOT Need "Lessons", Only Love

Hello Beautiful People,

A concept has come into mind about ''lessons'' and I wanted to speak on this. I am no teacher nor am I promulgating, just sharing my thoughts and perspective. I invite others to add to this.

Many people say.....you know....''those people''.....whoever they are......that we are here on this planet to learn lessons. I wonder what they are talking about. I have had a hard time trying to understand this for decades. I have listened and read tons of materials from all kinds of beings, people who read and repeat....people who channel ''info'' from so called ''higher realms'', to some concepts which are touted in religions....that Earth is merely a school and humans here to learn lessons. I have tried to understand just what these lessons are. Some say, we need to learn how to love. Long pause here.....really?! Does this mean when we were born we did not know love? We had to ''learn" it?
Already I have a hard time understanding this.
Often I have realized that the reason I have such a hard time ''understanding'' some concepts is they just do not compute. They make no sense, and try as I might I don't get it. I must put myself in their stance and try to feel it out.
When I was born, I do not remember, but by the time I was 4 or 5 I clearly remember feeling tons of love, my heart was all there was. My Mother was a loving woman who loved her children fiercely and I loved that about her. I have an older sister and I loved her. When my mother had another child a year after me, I loved her too. I do not see how I learned this, I know it was already within me and Love was there was for us all.

My mother also loved animals and we had birds, cats, dogs, turtles, chickens even, and we loved them too. I didn't learn this, none of us did. We took care of them, fed them and enjoyed their antics and behaviors. We laughed joyfully at birds chirping and flying, and we laughed affectionately at baby chicks running in a line one after the other and sliding clumsily on the slippery waxed floors. We loved them and how they acted. We loved their beauty. We treated them gently, softly, careful not to hurt them. The dogs loving us as we loved them. Cats purring. Birds singing. Love was natural.....from the beginning. We did not learn this. Love was what we were/are.


This love did not need to learn anything. Love knows what to do. It is language-less and natural. It comes with the hearts we are all born with. It is alive and possesses an intelligencia that knows no bounds. I love that aspect of love, that it doesn't need language, nor learning, it is simply always there and all knowing and that I act from it, that love feels me, touches me, informs me, and it is good. For all.
It is beautiful to watch and observe like when my mother would try to chirp to the birds and they chirped back to her in response. Or when the dogs would lay their ears back softly and offer up their heads to be petted as they furiously wagged their tails in joy. It was beautiful to experience lying next to furry animals who were well fed and peaceful and who kept us company as we moved about the home. There was no language between the various species of human and animals, but Love. It was understood by us all, unspoken, but understood, expressed through feelings and returned a thousand times over. Eternity is not long enough to experience this.
There was no way that anything hurtful could ever be done to those animals, nor to us, by anyone of us. There was love and love was all caring and beautiful, wise, nurturing, joyful and life affirming.
Love possesses All there is to know.
Why do people think this needs to be learned?

There is love....and there is everything else.

What else do people think needs to be learned? Once you have love, there is nothing else that needs to be learned to my knowing. Does one need to ''learn'' not to kill? Does one need to learn that hurting, raping or killing another is wrong? Does one need to learn how to live? Does one need to learn...whatever...''they'' say we are here to learn once you have love in your heart?
I do not believe that. I do not understand it. Nor is it my experience, nor do I witness this need for learning in those who possess love whether human or animal.

Love possesses everything we need. What else is there to learn ? Someone please tell me.

Love is supremely expressed through feelings and heart regardless of species, language, culture or wherever you are born on this planet. Love is the same. If one is mute, they can still possess love. If one is blind they can still possess love. If one is a physical vegetable they can still possess love. If one is a dog, cat, animal or tree, there is love.

So where does this idea of needing lessons comes from? Who is it that needs to learn?

I think there are some people on this planet who do not possess this intrinsically Godly aspect called ''love'', and that these people are not really people, or humans, they look human but are not. We know now about clones. We know that spiritual possession is real, and that the soul of a person can be hijacked, broken, replaced and all kinds of things and Spirits can control a person, sometimes multiple Spirits. Those people often are deficient and this deficiency expresses itself in violence and all kinds of psycho ailments and are acted out as they hurt other people either physically, or needing to control and dominate others, to emotional manipulations. These ones may need to learn things because they are not in possession of Love as is natural and inherent within real humane beings. However, when one is deficient in love and needs to learn things, this is backwards and upside down, working from the bottom up since learning without love is a painfully long process. It is inverted here on Earth. Whereas Love contains within it all that is needed. I think the idea of needing to learn lessons comes from artificial intelligence/A.I. or heart deficient beings either by simply being deficient or possessed by spirits or souls who do not possess love.....which makes one ruled by mind, and who can and do take over some people. Maybe these ones need to learn lessons but many of them are simply sick with deep psychosis some call psychopathy and are incapable of learning. Literally. Or, they are trying to learn what is this thing which organic humans with heart have called Love which is the ineffable presence of the Divine. Maybe both are happening......those who are totally lacking and those who are trying to learn.

Some who do not possess love are capable of doing terrible things. Others with heart and who know these behaviors as being ''off'' wonder about those who do terrible things, and tend to conjure up all kinds of reasons and excuses for them. Some say, they have to learn how not to do those things. Sorry, anyone who has to learn not to hurt others is born deficient, hence dangerous to themselves and others. If I didn't have to learn 'not to hurt' others, then what is the difference in us?
Some say they do terrible things because it was done to them and so they become what was done to them. Really?
I have had terrible things done to me, like many attempts on my life by men with guns etc. However I could never, ever do that to another, neither for ''experience'' nor in retaliation. I do not need to experience this to know never to do this. That kind of thinking already comes from a hijacked mind. A knowing and loving heart knows already that to hurt another is UnGodly, and could never. Even when terrible things happen to them they could never turn around and do them to others, especially when they experience the pain and suffering, they know this so deeply it is anathema to even think for a second they could do this to another. These ones often become the protectors for those who have been hurt and their voice of defense. But never do they turn around and become what has been done to them. Never.
Some say that psychopaths have a brain dysfunction which allows them to do terrible things. That their frontal lobe is completely absent or disabled so they have no remorse nor sense of right or wrong. If this is true then why when we leave our bodies at night when we sleep and do not use the brain, are still aware of what is hurtful, right or wrong and that even during astral travels many report the experience of knowing what is good or evil, right or wrong? This knowledge obviously doesn't use the brain. This knowledge of morals is part of Love and Love knows......physical body or no physical body.

So what are these lessons?
I knew by the age of 4 or 5 years old, that this planet was not a place I wanted to be and began demanding at that age to be taken back to my ''real home and real family''. I knew that I could never listen to these crazy people nor do what they do. That was not even a thought. It was more what I felt was that I would not ''take in'' to my mind/heart/body what was happening here, that I would remain "my self" and live from "my self". I now have the vocabulary to express what I felt at that tender young age knowing enough from what I'd already seen of this planet and its peoples that I would follow only my own consciousness which already knew what I needed, already possessed what I needed and all I possessed was more than what I was seeing around me. To keep myself protected from the insanity around me I vowed to only follow what I knew. This is called I'm told, the level of consciousness. Apparently when I was a child I knew to live from my own level. I'm glad I did.

I lived that and watched as I grew older and all I knew was confirmed over and over as the years and decades went by. Something was terribly wrong here. How do these people do what they do?!?
I already knew love and love is incapable of insanity or the ability to hurt others. Respect for others is built in to love, even dogs know this. With a dog who is large for example, who is introduced to a new born baby, the dog will sniff around the baby aware of its size and is careful not to overpower the baby and be gentle with it. Dogs know this. They know to respect those who are sleeping. I had a german shepard who though he had to go out to do his thing was intense, waited until I opened my eyes before letting me know. Such a respect was given to me even at his own discomfort that tugged at my heart. Dogs know this. Cats know this. Love knows respectful boundaries and cares about them regardless of species. How do so many humans not possess this?

What is it that we need to learn?
Who is it that does not possess what is natural to humane beings and who do terrible things to other life forms of all kinds? Does love do these things? I would say emphatically NO.
Not the humane beings. There is something else at work, and it is a creature lacking Love.


The heart is the true essence of Godly beings, and we live through this. The heart is where we live from and think from, if we are smart. The mind has been taken over, some say the archons have given us their mind and I see this evident throughout human history.....that those who make the mind their ruler becomes beastly in a way that the animal kingdoms could never stoop to.

In fact, what is ''learned'' on Earth here I would say, is everything not to do. Love does not come here to learn, I do not know why love comes here, maybe love comes to soothe the unlearned or to be an example. Here all love learns is what is not love.....in every expression one can imagine.

Love is who we are in essence. But what of those who are not? Who are those who do not love and hurt others? How is this possible? Only the absence of love and the presence of something evil seeks to destroy, hurt or annihilate. But those who do this, cannot learn of love by hurting others. They cannot learn love by being imprisoned for their crimes. Those who rape and kill people and animals, and destroy forests, manipulate others Spirits, megalomanics needing to control other people cannot learn love......they are void of it and this is what allows them to do what they do in the first place. Are they redeemable? Maybe if they experience remorse and desire to correct themselves, maybe. But statistics, increasing psychos and overloaded prisons show this sickness is on the increase and those labeled psychopaths have no remorse, nor any sense of right or wrong like even animals do. Their frontal lobes are dead, they say. They are more like a cancer that destroys life and all that is beautiful. They say it has to do with the brain, or chemicals, etc, but even when in spirit, they do terrible things....not using the physical bodies brain, in spirit they are still destructive. It is a lack of love of that spirit, whether in body or not.....that torments others. It is a cancer.....whether they are physical or not. So has nothing to do with the body or being physical.


Love doesn't act this way, it is incapable. Life on Earth is infected with those incapable of learning love. The human cannot grasp what is not inherent within them and so does not realize this infection is causing untold sickness and is unteachable. We continue to seek to make excuses for these ones inventing reasons based on human thinking which is not capable of understanding where these unloving beings are derived from. There is simply a force that is against love. I do not know what to make of these. But their existence is undeniable.

I do not believe Love is something we learn. It is something we either possess or do not.

I think, we need to rethink what is Love is, what is Spirit and what is Soul....what is actually our essence and what are those who do not possess love, why and how. Is love learned? I do not think so. Though I do believe there are beings who try to mimic it. And this is where untold suffering derives.
I believe it is our natural essence, the original aspect of GOD/Source Beings whose throne is the Heart, the ruler of true HumanKind.

What about the soul?  I used to think the soul was the aspect of our humanity that was eternal, the part of GOD/Source that we were all born with, but I am seeing how traumatized souls can fragment off and fly away, leaving a person damaged, and that souls are recycled back into another life repeatedly reliving past life traumas. Why? This is a diabolical level of control. It is programming and those who installed this ''soul'' are demonics. I used to love saying things like, "ohhh....I feel this deep in my soul". But now, learning about how everything, everything is not what we have been led to think or believe, it takes a sleuth to figure out bits of truth. What I'm learning about ''soul'' I do not like at all. Soul runs deep and throughout the lifeline of the immortal Spirit and is controllable and programmable. Anything of True Source is uncorruptible, I feel, and anything that is controlled by others is not of True Source.

The Spirit I felt was like the personality of an individual which is what makes us all unique and different, preferring one color over another and being either lively or demure, or amiable or obnoxious, etc. Some say, the Spirit is the true aspect of GOD/Source. The part that lives forever. I am going with this now. I think the Spirit is a nebulous thing we can play with, keeping it nurtured with love and playful. If it is the eternal aspect which leaves our bodies after death, it is of Source. I think the Spirit is an innocent thing, doesn't need soul, but does need Heart. It is the innocence of the Spirit which remains undamaged after life, which keeps life ever interesting, exciting and wonderful even through eternity. Anyone who says ''being always good is boring'', has obviously never experienced it.

After much research and reading, the soul seems to be an aspect of us that was ''given'' to us to function as a software that is programmable by whoever or whatever species installed it.....based on shamanic soul retrieval work, the aspect of those E.T.'s who say they can remove one soul and implant it into another body, and those who lose fragments of their soul which continues to relive their experiences repeatedly just like programs on repeat. It is manipulable. I do think now the soul may be a software which may soon become obsolete. What a concept. This disengagement may relieve us of all that is manipulable. We do not need programming, or repeated lives or traumas following us lifetime after lifetime. We do not need mind wipes, recycling or reincarnation, or having our ''souls'' fragmented for who knows how long, lost, hiding, making us fractured and reliving terrible things over and over until a healer reintegrates our soul. Look at repeat offenders who often say, "I don't know why I keep doing this, a voice keeps telling me what to do." They are not learning, they are repeat criminals and traumatizers.....what does that serve?

I think the mind (not brain) is also an ''installation'' like Don Juan says about the archons who ''gave us their minds''. Just look at how much trouble we get into being overly mental via ''information'' which is ephemeral and changes constantly as opposed to wisdom and knowledge which is interminable. Minds can be and are tormented by matrix antics and spirits who can telepathically interface this mind and manipulate us. Look at mind control programs. Why would Love give us a mind that is vulnerable to its enemy? They can't do this through the Heart, only the mind. They can do this through the soul too. And if we bypass the mind and live from the Heart and act out of love we can step away a bit from the matrix paradigms imposed upon this planet.
We always need to detox from too much mind. Who needs to ever detox from too much Spirit? or from too much Love?


I think the soul does need reintegration, healing, and clearing and possibly extraction eventually. I think the mind needs to be silenced and that we need to take that bull by horns and take it into our own control via Spirit. I can imagine living without mind but with Spirit and Heart only. This thought feels unlimited to me. The Heart speaks to me all the time, via feelings and yet its silence is golden.
We are interesting creations. We have an archontic mind which takes over the gentle Heart in negative ways, and a soul which repeats traumas and takes over the Will of Spirit in negative ways. Both are bullies. I say we've been tampered with.

Our bodies have, I feel, have three aspects of true intelligence found in the Heart where Love guides our behaviors to live in beauteous ways with others, the abdomen where WILL resides which is the Spirits ability to Create along with prana which is regenerated there, and the brain which informs our bodies through interfacing and can perform miraculous healing and rejuvenating abilities, possibly allowing us to live youthfully for long periods of time and inter-dimensionally, if our bodies, genetics, DNA etc were not tampered with. Still now many can perform miracles in bodies. I think with restored and cleared genetics, and DNA which is ''online'' and which I also believe allows us to live and experience consciously inter-dimensionally, from traveling through cosmos to being physically any type of corporeal being we choose, from a dense being as we are now to light beings.

This leaves us with that which is in our best interest.....the Heart which seems to be the one thing that doesn't seem to be ''programmable'' and the playful Innocence of Spirit. I believe the Heart is full of intelligence and informs us well, even for eternity. It can be hurt, but never destroyed. It can be broken but can heal. It can be forgotten but never lost. Maybe between the Heart and our Spirits and fully online DNA active physical beings......we can live all that is needed, uncorruptible and eternal.

Serena, Lady of the Woods


  1. Dear Serena
    Ever since I was a small child I divided the world into those people who 'know' and those who 'don't know.' It was intuitive but I never clarified it in my mind. To this day I still cannot clarify this division but there seems to be less and less people who 'know' and I find myself loving my children but unable and not intereste in forming any loving connection with an individual. To the natural and animal world and humanity, though, I have much sadness and love.

    1. Dear Kmackenz, I think your division was a simple one in perfection of a child. And I believe your inability to love individuals is there are far fewer true humans on Earth to receive it. It is actually a 2 way force. Some say there are only 15% true humane beings left, the rest are merely animated biology, here for ''experience'' and to derail the Heart Based Human. You are not alone in your inability. The natural world and humanity are blessed to have both your sadness and love.

  2. Comment from email:

    Hello, Serena
    I am totally with you about LOVE. The real GOD of the universes is love. God is LOVE. People cannot comprehend this sometimes. And yet it is not their fault. Some souls have to live a lifetime, searching for LOVE. And for some unexplainable reason they just don't seem to be able to find it no matter how their own life, like yours and mine, can be transparent in the way we live and endeavor to show forth love. Love can be staring a person in the face, and they can't see it or feel it.
    I also experienced a lot of love growing up. I have two brothers and two sisters and we were friends to the core. We looked out for one another, stood up for each other, had a blast growing up in our backyard with nature. My dad built us a tree house which was our hideaway, our dream-place, where we would go to read books, and create fantasy characters which we would re-enact on a daily basis.
    Those were the years without much technology. Where spirits were free to grow and our little souls were nurtured by the sheer delight of just being children without all the crap that is 'out there' now in the world. I used to walk two miles away from my house with one of my friends without feeling like someone was going to be a predator on a child. And no 'protection agency' people ever came to the door of my parents house with me in tow to find out 'why' my parents had 'let me wander away from my home'. It just never happened. Children are programmed these days and the ones who program them are not their parents. It's the 'system' out there which has damaged the innocent brains. I hardly ever see children riding their bikes far from home anymore. Or going to the movie theaters alone. You can't even leave your child in a car with the doors open, with them sitting in a car seat just to go get another child who is 50 feet away behind a chain-link fence at public school to be picked up by a care-giver anymore as it is considered 'child endangerment'. When did all of these rules and regulations of our lives begin to be put into place?

    People who read the Laura Ingalls-Wilder books about 'The Big House in the Big Woods' have no clue what they are missing. It's just some by-gone tale of 'the good old days' that don't exist anymore.
    We loved our animals too. We had such fun with them, and they 'understood' and I swear they could read our minds at times when we were the ones who needed comforting. And it boggles my mind that some people don't have this deep down inside of their Spirit. The human race is a damaged one.
    I will use some verses of scripture which many people don't know about. One of them is 'The whole Creation groans, even until now!' Everything wants to be put back 'right'. The way it is suppose to be. With Love at the core of all things. It wasn't suppose to be this way. God did not plan it that way, nor was it the intention in the beginning of Time. And yes, evil, spiritual entities did disturb the natural flow of the original Creation, which is very obvious. 'We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against, principalites and powers and spiritual wickedness in high places.' These evil spirits will continue to degrade the human race, and that is why Jesus had to come from his throne of glory to undo what the evil entities caused in the natural flow of good and love.
    This is why we do see evil and good abiding in the same place. And this is why some choose Love and some choose evil. Man was not born inherently evil. He was created perfect, and sinless, and good. It was when the evil entities, fallen angels, demons, Lucifer struck a bargain with the first humans and mankind was deceived.
    Oh well. So, those of us who do choose LOVE, can do the best we can to live that way. And yes, it boggles the mind that some people just don't 'get it'. Why they can't get it is probably more mind boggling. As we all have the same choices.

  3. Can I contact you in a private message?
    Thank you so much!

    Lots of love,



    1. Tamara, you may comment here and I will not publish your comments, if you want to have a private message, is that ok?

  4. I grew up in a family with little love. I probably had learned as a child, not to love. I had to unlearn those as adult so that I could love n trust again. Im now learning to love n trust a good man unconditionally.

    1. I think real humans are born with love, but circumstances can teach us otherwise on this planet. Then when another loving person comes, the love comes naturally to be expressed. Could be you didn't have the right ones to express it with because it is not a one way thing. I hope that man knows how to love you back.

  5. Hi Serena,
    I am almost at a loss for words. What you say in your blogs resonates with me and touches me to my heart's core. I had a very difficult childhood, where love was sometimes and oftimes twisted. Its been a long way back for me. Trust has been taken from me and that is very hard and very cruel. For so long I have tried to 'see', but although maybe not alone I often feel alone. It is a battle for me, a tough battle. I embrace the love I find in nature and in all things natural and that is where I find peace. As a man I find I am in conflict. I am drawn to or perhaps programmed to like things like 'guns' , but I abhor what it is they do, how they destroy beauty. I sometimes despair at the lack of harmony I find around me, maybe despair is too strong a word, for there is always hope. There is always love. Love is to me an energy that grows of itself. It does not ' feed' off others, it is self expanding and joyous. I have only recently had veils lifted from my eyes. This is a beautiful and at times difficult transitional time for me and for my son who I sometimes question. I hope he still is my son. This is so hard. I love him so much. I hope he hasnt been taken away from me.
    I often feel like I am being tested in some cruel game. I want this to stop, but I do NOT want to go back to sleep. I am awake/ waking up, but sometimes it is hard to tell friend from foe. For this reason I ask for help. I ask humbly and with love. I know you from another site /forum which I recently joined.
    I wish to embrace this aforementioned forum/site and all it seems to offer. I hope you can find me on there. If not I will dig deep and reject my programmed 'mistrust' which prevents me from committing fully to the site/forum.
    With love


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