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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Energetics: Frequency Wars and Attacks *updated

Hello People,

today, though I have been personally discombobulated with personal things for over a month now, I have to make this quick energetic post to comment about what I am sensing with about 98% conviction that there are frequency attacks being done to people on a hitherto unknown scale.
I have gone through the normal psychological checkpoints for personal discord, but have done those and this is external based. There is a distinct inorganic technology being used. It is the same type of thing I feel when I put a cellphone to my head, which I do not own and never will.....but magnified many times over.

I am feeling and seeing myself, some symptoms that can only be attributed to either electron, scalar, radiation or whatever, because this is precisely what it feels like. I have experienced dizziness, which I never do, odd waves of nausea and I never ever get nauseous.....and recently energetic attacks that begin in he middle of the night causing anxiety, when I had gone to bed feeling well, in good humor and even peaceful.....to wake up with mysterious anxst, a general allergy to the outdoor light, which though I do love the sun, on these days is way too much......also heightened sensitivity to any noise at all from the air conditioner to even voices or any sounds at all.....just a sensitivity that is too great for anything, when normally I can tolerate the common everyday sounds, including soft music.

The unusual waves of nausea and dizziness are particularly telling as I never get that way, ever. Also the torture of any sounds means frequencies are being broadcast at such high levels, any sounds become greatly abnormally exacerbated and intolerable. This is not normal every day stuff, this is the dark lords turning up the volume to their technologies. At the same time I see others who seem agitated but who do not know what to make of it, and usually will think it is their own usual vicissitudes and thinking they are just having a ''bad day''......it is not, the negative frequencies have been amped up, literally like a volume turned up.

I feel the air around me as way too staticky and it is tangible. Every sound in the outer world is magnified many times over. The people I am speaking with are experiencing every ailment and complaining about ''not doing well''.....so all their health weaknesses either physical or mental or emotional are being severely compounded. Being the canary I feel this more acutely than others as it doesn't feel like normal body stuff.

I have other indications of this of a bizarre nature which I will not go into but which fits perfectly with the technology frequencies being turned up and then down. I feel these acutely in all of my body systems as clear as day and night but as of now, for no reason of my own doing, my state of today completely did a 180.....with nothing I did, and this was reflected also in the sudden "quiet" of the neighborhood at the same time which was picked up by my housemate, so it wasn't just me.

I have more to add to this and will do so later. I just wanted to give people a heads up as to what is going on. I decided to report this at this moment because of the sudden and complete reversal of all this attack, exactly as if a switch was turned off, and I am totally back to normal, and the housemate also saw it as clear as black and white on his own. This in the past half hour alone around 4:30 pm on Wednesday. This total ''switch off'' has happened many times the past months.

Will be back to update.

*next day update: I have contacted someone who is a very tuned in woman, and when I mentioned the volume up and sudden ''switch off'' she said that is exactly how she is experiencing this, like a switch. She says "everyone is losing their shit". I am thinking these are other people who are appropriately sensitive to the unnatural frequencies and who are responding to them as organic beings do. I am also thinking that those who do not are indicators of their already being more transmutated by technologies possibly nano-robotics and who are now more tuned to inorganic than organic. This would make it clear who is responsive and who is not, possibly a ''sussing'' mechanism, who is resistant and why. Nothing is too far fetched. In fact I'm very ignorant of all that is being done.
I have another indicator that is in my body that I am watching. It is the oddest thing, and I don't know what to make of it. It also seems to be doing a 'switch on' and 'off' and various ''volumes'' in between, having a tendency to ''switch off'' between 10-11pm. I will report on that later when I am totally convinced all other internal/personal monkey wrenches are not the cause.

This 'could' also be energetic ''waves'' of various natures too.

Serena, Lady of the Woods


  1. Okay, dear. I have been having attacks of dizziness for a month now. I felt like some nuclear testing had been done in Colorado, and there were evidence of this in the news to prove it out. Obama was even there! Sheesh! Oops! Sorry, I need to be calm about this as it is going to happen in this day and age. I do have a tooth that a crown fell off and there is some decay, so hence, maybe some physical dizziness from that too. But, in our city, there is a grid of high electronic wires, huge cables all around our 8 miles square city. Our street is just houses down from a main street and I can hear the high frequency like little chain saws constant. Okay. I also went to an Empath site, and I had no clue I have ten out of ten of the quiz questions that could confirm I and my brothers and sisters have the genetic coding. Hey, I am of Scottish and Wales descent and I have felt the pull of those countries on my person since I was five years old. It's in my blood. I mean, this is why there are so many vibes coming from those ancient Celtic places. There is more there than meets the eye. Very spiritual indeed.

    1. hummm...yes there are also lots of ''hot flashes'' arising also seeming to be on some kind of 'on/off' switch, which I am others are reporting as not normal and very uncomfortable. These however feel like technologies too. Yes, the Celtic Clans, very psychic people, I love them.
      I found an article that I don't have to write :D about what "Empath" is, and they have 30 points and this one is also 100% for me and I can add to it too. I will post this on my blog in a few days.


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