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Friday, March 16, 2018

Why Narcissists Need Empaths, But Don't Walk, Run From Them!

*As always, what is written here is meant to be shared. Blessings. Serena, Lady of the Woods

February 20, 2018

As with most "common knowledge" I see written and spoken loosely without much thought, it is commonly said that empaths are attracted to narcisists/alien/vampirics....and this is utter nonsense. Just think about that one. Who "needs" or is "attracted" to having their life essence drained from them? No one. What is happening is what I call "The Lure" or "The Seduction" which empaths are unfortunately prone to falling for. We are not too resistant to this fake behavior as we should be. We simply do not see it coming. The behaviors of the lure seem genuine, often involving "proof of genuineness" via acts of money spent and deeds done and an apparent "its all for you" attitude. It looks and appears real. Its NOT.
The fact is, its the other way around: narcissists/alien/vampirics need the empath. Hence the whole strategy of "The Lure". Empaths do not need their life blood or life energies drawn out of them. There is only the need of the predator. Without the predation, life energies and life forces will stay where they belong and do what they were meant to do, nurture the ensoulled being, and we can be who and what we were meant to be. The predator changes it all.

Ratio of Real People to Fake People?

I have spent literally hundreds of hours, untold days, months and years, including the cost of my perfect vision, reading, researching, studying the alien presence on Earth. I am sure it has always been here. The tricky part are those who look just like us. This is where it gets tricky, but the fact is aliens are here who look just like humans, and they learn how to blend in.

Empaths/Highly Sensitive People, it is believed, comprise only 20% of the worlds population. It is an interesting coincidence that it is also believed by many in the spiritual communities especially of experiencers that empty shell, soulless, alien, NCP's/whatever term, comprise 80% of the population. You do the math. But I do not know for sure. I still struggle wrapping my head around that.  I do know that the majority of people are the empty shell ones, with spirit and biology yes, they eat, sleep, reproduce, and have jobs and "relationships", but lack the Divine Spark (soul) which is filled with virtue, emotional nuance, eternal wisdom, and especially authentic heart based response to any situation.

*Note: there are those who feel the other way around with the terms "soul" and "spirit". I am using it the way I have understood all my life. Soul is the aspect that is the Divine Spark from Source. Spirit is what animates the biology, or body of the living. That is as far as I care to delve in this.....because it has not been proven either way and I have not found anything else that explains so much. 

Dont get me wrong, these empty shells/aliens/etc can still do "good deeds" and may even do them often but they always have a reason/motive/agenda for it. It is never simply out of heart for anothers own good, to then move on once the good deed/s are done. There will be something to pay. But the most important thing to know, is beyond having agendas, they are a living black hole sucking Vital Essence out of the living eternal Soul.....and they target empaths as a high source of their energetic needs. For who is more filled with true energy than one who feels what everyone around them feels? That is why empaths always have one or several around them.

They are expert charmers and friendly. They want to get ''in''. It is a tool/device they use to get in.

These people sometimes, will right away rub you the wrong way, or you will feel ick in their presence, or you will not be able to tolerate them for more than an hour, and you will not understand your feelings. You will judge yourself as being judgemental, or having "issues" or feel guilty about "mirroring" etc etc. But it is not you, not if you are an empath, it is not you. You feel that way for damn good reasons and if so I would say now in hindsight to effin run the other way as fast as you can! Do not feel guilty, or think you're being judgemental, or give them 2nd, 3rd chances. YOU are the one who will wind up in the psyche ward, needing meds, and therapy, and they are on their merry way, with more tricks and on to the next unsuspecting guileless one.

What I have learned, is that narcissists/alien/NPC's (Non Player Character is a term in the gaming world, that describes characters that are not controlled by the player but are programmed with predetermined behaviors) are greatly attracted to empaths for a true endless source of the energies they need. Empaths always have one or more of them around them and feel always drained. It was revealed to me quite simply, they need the empath to both learn from and to steal vital energies. They need to learn how to assimilate into social behavioral 'norms', and to do that they need to emulate, well, real humans with real feelings. They will not get that training from other empty shells. They all need to learn, so they seek out the ones who have feelings, who possess a universe of rich emotion. They observe, learn, and when their trigger moments come, they repeat. They excel at this mimicry. They are masters of timing. But as they are appearing to be human, they are sucking the life out of things, to make things less vital, less in its light.
And no, they are not aware this is what they're doing. They're unconscious vampires/aliens.

Why Are They Here?

The empty shell people/alien/NPC's are here to keep the status quo. Not just to assimilate, their effects are to remove/replace/delete/ the real humane being, the empathic ones who are divinely lit from within, and to, well....you figure out the rest. I only know they are here and they are master mimickers and cause terrible psychological and spiritual damage and are draining Vital Life Forces.
However, they are flawed.

I am thinking of this as a takeover. One can call it an invasion or infestation, whatever, it is done. It is already done. It has happened. But we didn't catch on because "authorities" are completely in charge of the campaign to dismiss their existence.
They are sleeper invaders not knowing themselves for what they are, a perfect plausible deniability deployment. They operate instinctually. It is unconscious on their part. They know not who they are. They are mental creatures/beings who espouse an unemotional propensity. They are of the intellect (trite as that is) and are of a single hive mind, they all function the same way for the same purpose, albeit in biological seemingly human bodies.

For this takeover to be successful they had to imitate the real human and humanE behaviors, the last thing they want is for anyone to watch them or pay attention too closely. Hence the search for the real humane being with feelings. That is why again, Highly Sensitive People, Empaths, Psychics etc are surrounded by these types and often do not know what they are dealing with.
This is an infestation of something foreign to Nature. Totally foreign.
They are human robotics in our biological form. Their effects are a disturbing disharmony when in their presence. We don't meld, we don't mesh. We have compassion and are brainwashed to accept all people as equal, as one, and so the gentle folk will always invite them in, ignoring the disharmonious energies, whether they be stark and shocking, or subtle small things you accept for noble reasons, albeit to your detriment. The lack of harmony with these ones is the nexus point to be aware of at all times. You will feel great disharmony around them, regardless of what they say etc, and this is where you EXIT.

This post is about recognizing them and how to deal or cope when you cannot escape because they are either family members, you live with them, or work with them etc.

For those lit from within, there are giveaways and I will discuss those.

Though they fool most of the people most of the time, they don't fool every one all the time. There are those few who know that something is off, eg; laughter at all the wrong times, or a repeated platitude that seems a one size fits all for situations from death to storytelling etc. For example they may say, ''oh yeah, sure sure!''....for everything....even when you spoke of death or loss.....they didn't catch themselves. And they always got away with it because most other people are not listening or are one of them. You heard it, but excused it. Misplaced compassion. Pay attention.

These alien/NPC's are most comfortable with the daily trite and platitudinous way of chatting with the people on Earth, small talk etc. Most people are content to just engage them and respond also superficially and the NPC's really engages this believing they sound so good and ''normal"....and they love that, no questions. Most respond favorably and accommodatingly to their fakeness and no one was wiser. They love this. They are fitting in. You however, will be stopped in your flow, and blink a few times, then blow it over, especially when they have all the quick quips, laughter to cover up etc. Do not blow anything over. If it happens again, go deeper, question and question until you get to the bottom. If no satisfactory response comes, then you have your cue to move on.

I personally find it abhorrent and cannot stand to engage those people with any amount of conversation more than two words, hello and goodbye. I have been exposed to too much of this vacuous chatting. I even know one who often responds before you even finish your sentence and they didn't realize they responded to the sad news with an ''oh sure, right, right''. Seriously ?!!

They also possess a mentality that is cunningly exploratory for more tips on how to behave including the timing to "execute the computed response". They will hear a comment or statement one says, and then adopt it for their own. They will repeat this to you hoping you recognize it as a "commonality you share" and you know you said it, or felt it originally, but then this will be repeated by them even though you can't find how it is relevant to them at all. They don't care, they are mimickers and are repeating. And don't you dare question them! They are always right. You may express yourself because some of them know you have that right, but they will dismiss it anyway. They don't need your knowledge, they only need your authentic vitality.

There are some who are incredibly arrogant and egoic. They are also masters of obfuscation, and will never answer a question directly but will respond with long drawn out statements, and end with a question for you that takes you away from your original question. To fuck them up.....repeat the exact question. You will see lots of blinking.....and then either an indignation or anger that you dared question them, or that you seem suspicious, and they will accuse you of being "behaviorally incorrect" or of doubting them, and think or accuse you of impertinence....wow! LOL. Masters I tell you!!!
Most don't catch this, but bow to this total power play.
Some feel they mastered this behavioral thing and don't allow one to question them so they are simply vampiric and fully ''in their power''.

 If you, in your humanity offer to be social with them and talk and try to be open and authentic speaking of your life and stories, they see this as an invitation, an opportunity for authentic energy ''exchange' mostly from you of course, and for them the opportunity to gain that energy. If you remained guarded there will be no energy exchange. But if you open up and share your emotions, feelings, dreams etc you will be sucked dry. You will have revealed your precious heart's contents and they have learned how to steal yet more behavioral info, to both work on you, and their continual training in ''how to blend'' and they have fed on this precious divine energy. You will feel empty or drained afterwards. Watch for this.

Sometimes, they turn off the "opportunist agenda" and will sound "pleasant", and you will feel once again you have been wrong about them, but then watch for the bite back. The little white lies, the beating around the bush, the dismissals, the quick quips and platitudes.

Another important hallmark difference is the Critical Need for Beauty. Those with soul require beauty of Nature as being part of their essence, they require Nature and feel they're in the womb of The Great Mother when in Nature, surrounded by Nature, we crave it and are happiest in beautiful environments with many plants and trees, we are fed by Nature, find joy in Nature. We also require quality real foods and water at all times. The need for Beauty revitalizes the ensouled ones and the rich universe of the Soul and its essence of Source and the stars and cosmos therein. We feel all of this. Conversely the alien/NPC's/aliens use Beauty as a prop. They stage items of beauty around them but they don't "need" them, but use Beauty to camouflage. Some don't bother with this staging.

A feeling you want to look for in companionship is the deeply peaceful silence you can share with another, where you can sigh in comfort just being in the presence of someone. This what you want.

I can go on and on about this but there is tons of information on the net about this with great details from experiencers with them, mostly referring to narcissists but I am including the alien/NPC's.
And some of the information on them will vary depending on just how manipulative they are, their intelligence quota, if they have agendas, etc. But you will always feel "off" spending time with them. 

My Advise for Empaths and Highly Sensitive/Sophisticated People

I will however, be short and succinct with my advise for your own sanity......empath and HSP people....do not engage these narcissist/alien people, do not believe they are ''teachable'', or that they are troubled, or had a past that you need to offer compassion to, or that they are "wounded" - huge one, or any other excuse you can come up....just get the hell away from them if you want to maintain your sanity and your life force.....because it is life force they drain. But true life force from those Lit From Within will be drained and the dissonance you feel in your psyche and spirit will need quite a while to recover.
Life force is the most precious thing in the cosmos, and that is what they want. They do not possess this. It is a vital energy that is the possession of the true human, the one with a soul, with rich emotional/feeling content, virtue, good will etc etc.
It is you who will feel vampirized and energetically violated and you won't understand how or why. They never get drained, never feel vampirized and often speak demeaningly of those who do feel this. They do not wind up disturbed or bothered unless they suspect you of suspecting them. But they need you. YOU DO NOT NEED THEM AT ALL. They are not redeemable, they are your parasite. Do not be a willing host. The Earth is littered with them.

What is also important to know, is that though there are lots of true humans on Earth, they are not all empathic and these ones will be able to tolerate them better.
However, the empath will have a strong repulsive feeling, which initially they may feel guilty about, because geez what has this person done to you (so far)? nothing, they say all the right things, behave well and even do good deeds, so why the ick? However, its the empath who will suffer a growing sickness within that requires lots of space and time and Nature and nurturing away from them to recover. If you live with them, I am sorry. For your own life, if you choose to live with your own autonomy, then get the hell out and never look back, find other empaths and spend time with them.

You will feel yourself growing dark and wonder how this can possibly be. You will feel suspicion and not know where it comes from and be disappointed in your innocent self. Don't be.
You will loose your playfulness and wonder where it went.
You will loose your vitality and what ability to conjure up happy thoughts in your way of being you and wonder why that is. You will feel anxiety and want meds for the first time in your life.

The results of being in these soulless beings presence will cost you far more than you could ever think of, more than you can know. You will find yourself aging faster, and though you do all the right things and eat well, you do not understand this loss of VITAL ENERGIES........

Make no mistake, these ones, including other powers and principalities are the cause of all trauma on Earth, and the traumas are felt by those with Soul.

I am telling you......run away from them, run from them all and be very careful, dear empath, who you choose to spend your time with. Trust your first feelings, and dont' talk yourself out of them with negative self judgement.
Go into Nature for long periods of time. Buy flowers and plants and surround yourself with them inside your home. Listen only to soothing music and anything that can revitalize your Soul Essence.

The Greater Scope of the Effects of These Soulless Ones:

So what happens after you realize the vampiric nature of these ones? Their abilities to suck vital energies from a human? What happens if we pan out to look at the greater picture? Of the world?

I am taking this vampiric capability of these soulless ones/NPC's/empty shells further out than the one person to person or empath/narcissistic effects. These empty shells because of their own lack of vital energies have the ability/need/intent/default-nature to kill the vital energy of the living. It will be sucked out of the person, the family, the workplace, the town, the city, country, the planet. Living things will have shorter life spans, they will not have optimum growth, they will be diseased. Trees will die faster, grow shorter, plants will not be as vital not produce as many flowers, animals will become sick and people become, well, as you can see around you on this Earth what its become.

I am wondering now, if the planet has been infested with these beings for so long if this has been the demise of the quality of life. How can it not be? How can it not be the toxin, the invisible pollution that has reversed Life Force, Prana, Loving Energy? How can it not be killing what is innocent, what is clean, what is pure what is gentle, what is pristine and prevents all that beauty from radiating its light. Is it any wonder so many beautiful souls, so many great hearts are sick, at home, often alone? wondering WTH life is about really? wondering how they got to where they are, why their dreams didn't work out? how can every effort to gain momentum in ones creation of life results in something backwards or even reversed? Is there such an opposing energy that can do this? I say emphatically yes!

Final Thoughts

Granted it could be that real ensoulled humans may be the alien on a strange planet, duped into incarnating here in the first place. I don't know who belongs or doesn't. It doesn't matter in this post which is focusing on how the narcissist/alien/NPC needs the empath, and not the other way around.

I also am coming to terms with the belief that the 20% real ensouled beings/empaths and the 80% alien/NPC/narcissist ratio is real, and I have a theory that most ensouled beings are no longer incarnating in this plane. Those ensouled ones here are the last remnants of Real Humanity, and are phasing themselves out of this false matrix.
In playing further with this idea, could this be the beginning of the end? That eventually the ensouled ones no longer incarnate here and ''the game of life" the archons devised where so many of the dark ones have created this diabolical recycling reincarnation pit, a virtual playground for evil forces of a variety of deviations, into a holographic simulation of horrors in this matrix on Earth, have possibly created for themselves their own annihilation? That when ensouled beings no longer arrive onto this planet and they no longer have victims, they will starve but be locked into their own invention of the recycling incarceration wheel of fortune? Nice to think about. So it could be the archontics, devising a way to entrap souls, have in fact created their own demise? What a pleasant thought.


  1. I was married to one of these demons incarnate for 22 years. Yes, I wanted to help and heal this creature and that was the biggest mistake of my life. I never felt at ease with her, something was wrong and I couldn't put my finger on it.

    She'd tell me she loved me, but it confused me because I only felt resentment from her. I craved peace and love nature, but she consistently refused to hike or camp.

    I used to say: "Peace and a narcissist cannot coexist in the same house". "Take away all the talking bad about others, take away the self glorying and there is nothing left, just an empty black void". "She has no personality, she has a empty void where others have a personality".

    After 22 years, I didn't care if I lived or if I was dead. I remember plenty of times that she drained me to the point of me having to sleep for hours. She had me so confused that I took the responsibility for a totally dysfunctional family and wondered daily what was wrong with me.

    I got to the point that I would not allow her to control me and that frustrated her to no end. When she started her usual dramas, I just ignored her. I no longer shared anything about myself. I lost my job and couldn't find employment. When my unemployment ran out, she divorced me.

    Her favorite games were divide and conquer. She turned all family members against each other and then would jump in pretending to be the savior. She would push my buttons and if I got upset, she quickly pointed it out to everybody how truly bad of a person I am. She would push the buttons of the kids and beg me to intervene to stop the drama, then she'd turn on me and encourage the child to turn on me, then "save the situation" and make me look like the chump. I fell for these evil games over and over for years.

    In time, I turned my back on her and our 4 children as they too have narcissistic traits. It's no contact. The children are emotional messes, but I see the potential of healing as they are capable of introspection. However, I seriously doubt they will make the effort. Their mother taught them by example to refuse to reason or reconcile, in fact since they never saw this growing up, they are unable to comprehend resolving conflicts. It's: "run and hide and then blame while hiding behind their rock". They were brainwashed into being powerless professional victims.

    I don't know how I survived 22 years with this abjectly miserable entity. But there was never a day that I didn't spend fantasizing of disappearing, to be never heard from again.

    This narcissist creature taught me painful lessons. She showed me my weaknesses and she gleefully loved rubbing salt into the wounds. I took these lessons and healed these wounds, a process that required years.

    Now that the wounds are healed, narcissists cannot get to me. I do not play into their games. I no longer worry about hurting their feelings and I'm blunt with them. They can only feed on us through our weaknesses.

    I married an empath and today we are very happy and continue supporting each other in healing from our respective pasts.

    1. Stephen Coleman I am sorry for all of that. It is truly a torment, a deep almost unconsolable torment to live with one of these creatures, and it cannot be exaggerated the pain it costs a true soul and heart to experienced this. I don't know how you did it for so long! And there is a way for them not to get to us anymore and it is to close ourselves off to them, to shut down emotions WITH THEM ONLY, and shut down the heart, just treat them with politeness but firmness, and then they stop feeding and our vital energies will remain ours.
      I would say rather than getting to us through "weaknesses", they get to us through our hearts, our care, our concern, our giving....these are not weaknesses, but our virtues....and this is specifically why they are here. They can get to us through vulnerabilities that we have opened up to them, but we can also shut those down firmly and stop it.
      And I am happy to hear you are with one of your own empaths, there is peace there yes? You described the workings succinctly. One cannot deny this once you live it, but until you live with this type you have no clue what suffering is. Thank you for writing, and deep peace be with you and your wife.

  2. This rings true to the behaviour i experience from my family and now ex girlfriend in their behaviour towards me. I consider myself an empath. I believe that when people live in their ego and narcissism that they allow themselves to be influened by these negative, dark forces/aliens you refer to. They are known as the "Archons". Living in ego/falseness is why these people are just empty shells which are then easy prey to be manipulated by these dark beings.


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