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Monday, March 19, 2018

The Narcissist IS An Alien Hive Force *edited Oct.2018

*As always, what is written here is meant to be shared. Blessings. Serena, Lady of the Woods

I am writing for and to those who know there are both human and alien forces that is nothing like what "we" are. It requires blood. It requires pain. It destroys. It causes suffering. It is sick. It is psychopathic. It is deranged. It is insane. 

These Alien/Narcissists all operate the same. They all operate the same. They are all programmed the same. There is a checklist you can go through. They are a hive creature. Just listen to others. Listen.

Not all narcissists are alien, unfortunately some are indeed human. But when those who venture to seek out victims offer all the same things off their checklists and can be observed to follow a certain protocol of behaviors and tactics common among them, they are operating all the same. These are your aliens. They have always been here, but now we are awakening to them.

Misplaced Compassion for "Woundedness" is Your Downfall

I sadly hear many, and I used to believe this to a small degree, that the evil ones were "simply those who forgot who they truly are"....that they are wounded so much they forgot their divinity. This is true only in very few cases, but in most it is not.

I have been truly wounded, starting as a child, when my father held me at gunpoint at the age of 4. His father too was a totally sick man. I have had numerous men trying to kill me with guns or what have you, been betrayed often, surrounded by drugs and violence......etc etc etc. But NEVER in all my days did I ever think of inflicting such onto another human being ever. I did become smarter and learned to defend myself against those men and those who inevitably will come in the future for there is no end to them, but I never became the sick one. I never turned into them. Because I am of the Divine Spark. My Soul will not allow me to become sick. In fact what we become are HEALERS.

They claim any "excuse" or "reason" according to their sick minds to do what they do.
But no being of empathy or love becomes a psycho out to kill others, especially innocents.
I have a soft spot for vigilantes though, but that is another story.

Pleasant Beliefs vs Awful Truth

If you are not that, you cannot become that. Period. Nothing can corrupt you. Sadly though you can go mad, get depressed and suicidal, but you do not become them.
Psychos are psychotic and a shapeshifeter, a type of chameleon who changes as their needs change to suit their goals. The invader alien is narcissistic. They are not wounded, they are cancer. This "wounded" belief is a projection of yourself (mostly women) onto another trying to make your truth theirs. You believe everyone is like you. I did this for decades and was nothing but chronically stupid and I suffered terribly from delusions so that when the painful truths hit me, it had to be brutal, with the proverbial holy 2x4's over and over till I was black and blue and on the floor wondering WTF is going on?! Only then, so totally broken down, with all my worthless delusional beliefs shattered like glass around me, when all I held to be true was failing miserably, repeatedly, in real time, could I open into accepting what is real, and change from being merely a believer to a knower. It hurt my brain terribly to go from pleasant beliefs to the awful truths. Horrible as it is, and how much I wanted to believe the pleasant nice beliefs, I was living the worst kinds of lies. And in my severe ignorance of beliefs was helping in keeping hidden the toxic presence amongst humanity.

What I believed got me in trouble. The truth however has set me free. And now I hope to help you be free......be free.
Be free.
Know and be free. Breathe deep.

Soulless/Aliens Count On Your Ignorance

Those soulless ones count on your belief that we are all the same. It is good only for them if you believe that. They, however, get stronger while you get weaker. If you persist, "they need more love".....you are engaging in absolute foolhardiness and abject stupidity.....you are on dangerous ground. We are most certainly NOT all the same, not one bit.

They count on this as it continues and fosters more compassion their way, and rich feeding/vampiric times. It is a fatality for you and causes an often irreversible harm to your own psyche for endless years to believe in something so egregiously false. And by your support of them they thrive and you suffer. By proposing "woundedness" as opposed to the truth of them as the predator within, you encourage others to also have such misplaced compassion and further promote more foolish gullible, guileless people into also projecting compassion onto predators giving them more to feed on, and so you become accessory to this pandemic predation. You become the cult like unwitting supporter.

One must be savvy in picking these alien/narcisist/NPC's out. Be clever in testing them and never give away your heart unless you feel sure you are dealing with something genuine. Intuition, that hallmark signature of women over eons, which has been demonized (by them) is the way to knowing.

Annihilation of The Divine Spark is its goal.

Pain is its hallmark.

You see it everywhere throughout human existence throughout human history. The evil ones are here.
Some are blatant, servants of outright violence, rapists, pedophiles, murderers, serial killers, boston stranglers, dr jekyll/mr.hydes, jack the rippers, genocides, and countless other men who simply reincarnate over and over again en masse......armies and legions in every country of gangsters, soldiers of war, legalized assassins, their churches and Inquisitions, their 911's bombings, self sanctioned weaponized crime organizations, supremacists and separatists out to destroy family and societies, mind controllers, EMF and other nefarious frequencies......etc etc etc, these men have infected life with torment for as long as there have been men.  And the non-violent disease of left brained dominism, ridicule of right brain, ware on "feminine" things, the outright war on woman, the war on love, the war on care, the war on peace, the war on critical thinkers. One would think this is more than enough to destroy a species.
Why have humans never learned that killing and hurting others is only sickness. How does it go on and on?? How is it that throughout thousands of years, murder, rape and violence has not diminished?
Who are these creatures? where do they come from? why is there no end to them?

This is one breed of destroyer. The overt.

There is another. The covert.

The Soulless

There are those who want to destroy the innocents, the empaths, the true Divine Spark, The Soul...... they say "Something else had to be done. Before it is too late. Before they (The Light) moves on, gets more powerful and wiser and we can no longer destroy them."
There are the archontic types who were not out to destroy us due to some "laws of universe" but "only" wanted us diminished, wanted us weakened and incapacitated, to keep us small and devolved. Now I know of this other predator who is actually trying to destroy the Light from within, an interspecies predator actively seeking to destroy those Ensouled Ones, the Light, as they are a type of hybrid creature with only one goal for their created lives, to destroy the Light. They destroy one then move on to the next, and often are working many at once. These ones are the most lively and confident creatures walking this earth. There are so many of them. It is not admirable to see those who do not suffer, it is suspicious when one doesn't suffer.

It has been written in every "holy" text of those who want to annihilate the God Spark.... found in the gentle one, the kind one, the compassionate one, the love. They want to destroy those who espouse love and harmony....who live for Beauty and Peace. They are still out to destroy GOD.

And there is the one who looks just like us.....hiding within our species, not outside of humanity, but within........in the last place we'd look......and this is one of the more sinister plots.
The "kind charismatic" vampire.

What would you do if you wanted to destroy someone/s from the inside out? you would ask these questions........

"How can we infect the humane species?
How can we live off them without them fighting back? without their knowledge. We want to destroy them from the inside out.
We don't need resistance, we only need to feed/suck vital essence out. How can we do this? Confusion, obfuscation, mixed in with good behavior....so we will not be detected. They will never suspect such a thing, we have taught them not to believe in us.

"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist." ~ Charles Baudelaire.

The Fungus Among Us 

"We will be born into their families.
We will merge within society.
We will gaslight them to foster confusion.
We will perform good deeds so we will be accepted from their hearts.
We will appear as they, they will never know.
We will sow discord, but they will forgive.
We will feed on them but they will go to doctors.
We will create frenzies but they will take themselves into therapy.
We will feed and they will not be the wiser.
They are a free source of willing energy.
If they suspect us we will turn on them and point the finger at them, they are too naive, for they cringe at confrontation.
And by these methods, we will destroy them from the inside out."

News: The Narcissist/alien is not a dysfunctional human......it is not a real human. It has our biology, but it is an alien force hiding in human form, specifically to dupe and deceive, to be the silent black force that no one can fight because it is not suspected. That is the point, to hide detection, so suspicion will not rise in us. Because humans have uncanny abilities to retaliate and rebuke anything, once they see it. For some evils are powerless when faced down.

They know, if you don't see it, you can't rebuke it, and fostering cognitive dissonance confusion adds to their power.
Detection is the downfall of the evil that hides.

They are not human. Its that simple. Now you know. You can drop them, move on and be free.

Some of us cringe when we hear those speak of humanity as being merely biological robots in a meaningless universe........it is true for the alien. They are projecting (themselves). It is however NOT true for us. Our Light and Souls have the ability to transform us. They speak of themselves and proselytize this "meaningless" life so brilliantly because they are convinced and convinced people are soooo convincing......and gullible humanity begins to believe too, and in our hopelessness are ripe for the vampirism. They are self appointed authoritarians on any subject they choose and humans are suckers for those who sound confident and "knowledgeable". Its all a trick, a ruse, don't fall for it.

We Must Hold On To Our Values and Our Love

For us, there is nothing BUT meaning. There is only magnanimity, potential, greatness, expansion, bliss, euphoria, beauty, and all the ineffable feelings that come with all of that!
For them there is none of that, and they refer often to humans as meatsuits and futility of "existence", and they will ask you why you fantasize in false dreams. Laugh at them! You have just encountered the crux of their lifelessness and their own deep meaninglessness, the soulless.

You Can Survive Them By Total Disengagement

You can disengage them. Totally diffuse their hidden vampirism. Simply close yourself down to them....do not give them any authentic interaction, no opening of your Self, your heart, your mind, your emotions, your thoughts, nothing. (I have since learned there is a term for this called "grey rock". Know you are dealing with/talking with shit. If you must because you work with them or live with them give them small talk and be polite but always keep it short and simple, and turn around and walk away and they will crumble. However, only time will cure the ick your soul has had from contamination with these creatures, it will have scars and need devotion and lots of self love. These creatures are like radiation poison....it is invisible, scentless, but you will degrade in its presence.

Remember there are more of them than us, and yes this is about us vs them now, no more f**king around here. I'm not creating division, I'm calling it out! I'm tired of the suffering, the predation, the people who are kind who are in hiding, who are ill, who are victimized and then blamed, I'm effin tired of it all. We need to wake up to the horrid truths and get tough.

KNOW, if you are empathic you are already known and it is only a matter of time before you find yourself engaging one or likely more of these because they are actively seeking you/us out. If you get rid of one, there will be another behind him. Their hive mind/matrix operates on another level that is highly organized, and then is deployed onto individuals.

We need to test people, and test them well, and pay attention to our bodies and its messages. I've had messages from my own body that were incredibly strong but my mind could not grasp nor understand the intense warnings and I always dismissed them as being crazy. My mind and judgements were my own worst enemy. My spirit and biology was properly responding to the real and present danger while my mind betrayed me. I will never ever doubt my body again and I will tell my ignorant mind to shut up.

Test your new acquaintances over and over before you share, before you begin to give, your heart, your feelings, your kindness....Know Thy Self and Know Thy Enemy.....for you dear empath, have a stealth predator who knows how to find your particular brand of richness, but you don't know how to detect them.....they managed this.......and they will come for you over and over again. Feel and know.

But you can be rid of them.....you sure can.
Then spend time recovering from the slime, nurture yourself in Nature, with gentle loving people and animals, plants, flower essences, music etc. I've said all this already but it cannot be stressed enough.

*update: since moving away from said creature, I have since had another one come into my life trying to instill his grandness, and try to convince me of his wonderfulness too. He also had the air of ''the mayor'' who knew everyone, all the right people and was "in the know" about everything. He was charming too, that wonderful BEHAVIOR that is so practiced to perfection, the smiles and even the glint in the eye.....so well practiced. I had ''signs'' however about this one I was about to befriend because his friendliness was all so consuming and so grasping, but as I followed him in my car to the farmers market he wanted to show me, a huge plastic garbage can fell out of his trailer and could have killed me if my responses were not fast enough or clever enough, as I did 60mph and trying to dodge that thing with another car on my tail was life threatening in an intense moment. I did dodge the thing as it also bounced a bit to the left and avoided my windshield and I didn't have to swerve too fast and thank goodness the tailing driver also swerved away from me. The sign was ~huge garbage nearly killing me, definitely putting my life in danger and here I am following this one of my own accord~. Metaphor anyone? When we finally parked he blithely apologized for the garbage can nearly causing a possible fatality. There was another clue: complete disregard for my well being. Not, stopping on the side of the road to collect his can, or to check on me, no, just keep driving and then casually dismiss the life threat, no biggie.
Another sign was the phone calls, the friendly "oh lets go for a coffee" thing, and "I will just happen to be in your neighborhood", "oh I'd rather meet in person rather than talk on the phone"....and all sorts of comments like that trying to get you in their presence hard and fast despite me telling him I was not feeling well and needed to be mostly quiet and to myself these days. Then I got the ''butt call'' when they call you and when you return the call tell you the phone did it by itself?.....this is a test to see if you'd be receptive since they ran out of excuses to call you, so they blame the phone and test you. I didn't go for that either.....had too many of them too. Then the next tactic is to outright ask you for that connection and meeting, to pin you down and blow away your resistance and how you respond to that force of aggression is when you will get their true intention. If you fall for the force and meet them despite your own feelings, they know they can control you and will continue to do so. If you say no and mean it, they will drop you like you meant nothing to begin with. No, they are not respecting your ''space" and giving you time, they have dumped you before you could dump them, because they could not bait you.  They are predictable. I have learned these things and am able to see them coming, can predict the behaviors and tactics now and it is always to the letter/script/program.

If you escape one, another will be sent right after. If you are watching out for them now, and can smell them and predict their behaviors which are very predicable and negate them and reject them, they will no longer be sent to you. And I do mean "sent".....because that is exactly what is happening. You dear empath are not attracting them to you by some nonsensical "like attracts like" forces, no, this is more of "opposites is attracting them to you".....more like moths to a flame..... they are literally sent to you because they are looking to feed and destroy, and YOU ARE NOT. A parasite has a function and it is to seek out and destroy those with Light/Soul. There is a pandemic program out there to seek out and destroy. They are a weapon. Deployed with purpose and relentless. Do not go into denial, be weak, ignorant or dismissive.
However, no soldier of war can be successful if he is being observed and deflected.



  1. Interesting what you say, i can not reply to all, but i agree, and i see it is our longing for love and harmony which was ours in other lives , which drives us being so compassionate with the evil ones.I do not try to convince the evil anymore:But i also will not corrupt my opinion to be love no matter what. I try to be the lotos flower which is unstained by the sourrounding muddy waters. To change the matrix is toi spread love and to be it. It are our thoughts and feelings which make the difference.
    Maybe it is our task to stay clear and to be connected to nature even in the center of evil.
    I love the sun, i love the babbling of the creek , the rush of the trees and the cry of a falcon in the sky. Also i am convinced there are other fractions of star sisters and bothers which are with us.Our heart tells us what is good for us.So dear lady of the woods elves like you may wander through the realms but not unseen

    1. Remael, this is a lovely response, thank you for writing. Yes, I think our "task" is to remain this love within muddy waters, to be lighthouses, to be anchors, to help keep alive the Life Frequency, and some of us are here to simply assist our own kin, not the world.
      I too believe in the analogy of the lotus, I even grew them to remind me of myself. We must remain "clear" as you say, though I do not believe it is difficult for us to do so, it is simply difficult to truly see what is around us, how deep the infection or infestation of false humans, of the predacious hive-purposed alien.
      And yes also, there are other star sisters and brother here, of all kinds.
      I will never doubt my body's discomfort in the face of the smiling generous predator. Their effects are literally as a black hole sucking vital life essence even when we turn ourselves inward, they are a powerful negative reversed energy, that leaves one listless even when all efforts made to protect and shield oneself have been made, they are like radiation, there is no safe amount, eventually within their radiation field, you will get sicker and sicker. They have the effect of heavy metal poisoning, literally, no one can be around them and remain healthy, except their own kind.
      I too love the sounds of birds they immediately bring me out of my self to them and I feel I am flying with them in endless skies, free and innocent.


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