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Friday, July 24, 2015

"The Wave", "Wave X", "X Factor" And NASA's "Cloud Fluff"

*This post is a blend of fact and gnosis and dream.

There is alot of talk about ''waves'' of late. There are at least two, and names and descriptives for each have been hijacked.....as is everything else.

There is someone posting about "wave x" who admits to being an asshole years back, but he still is. He is posting everywhere and I am sick of seeing how nonsense is always the most popular, repeated and parroted ''info'' or ''intel''. It is also ridiculous to see still how people remain so gullible, desperate to hear anything positive and then confirming it out of desperation and blasting it everywhere. Why aren't the parroting repeats a warning signal of matrix agents and antics?

Many men promote themselves as experts in all fields when their vestigial minds are atrophied slaves of only what they can perceive which is fatally scant, 4% of all ''reality'' is trapped in the left brain.....I call these ''experts'' 4%'ers....... and because they have self imposed such extreme yin intelligent limitations due to their yang exclusivity they are true matrix agents, violently defensive of their sophomorism, dangerous to society, social health, true intelligence, and the creatrix of the imaginal realms, the birthplace of all creation. They need immediately to be restrained, contained and given electric shock therapies and kept away from society. These ones are truly the hormonal and hysterical.
Fuck off.

There are ''waves'' of various natures both natural and ''man/creature'' made.
The wave I refer to when speaking with few individuals has nothing to do with being created by anything other than the natural Universal Forces of Nature, A Nature, by the way, which is not merely limited to this planet Mother Earth, this Force of Nature encompasses the Universe...... and these are always beneficial to Earth and Earthlings. Most have no idea. Awareness boggles.
It will fry the souls of the inorganic and A.I. Indeed is driving them insane now.
A quote was made about this by Black Elk many years ago but I cannot find it anymore, but I still believe this is what will eliminate by photons, frequency and magnetics all that is unnatural and life destructive. It will raise the magnetics of this solar system which has been inundated by electric, negative scalar and false technologies which were designed to sabotage all natural electro magnetic fields and beings and the Jewel of this Cosmos, Earth. It can and will reanimate and reinvigorate the organic living systems within those which are redeemable and will burn out that which is not. It is the cosmic T Cell of alpha,delta,beta and theta. By the way, love is a scalar wave of the highest order.
I have referred to this for over a decade as an "X Factor' simply because the X factor is a mystery no science nor 4%'er left brained dominant (and his unfortunate indoctrinates) will ever grasp. It remains a mystery, but is on its way and has already made its effects known which is countered by ''the Wave'' .......a technology......this is the one which is getting attention.

NASA has found a 30 lightyear wide highly magnetic Interstellar Local Cloud which they refer to as "Cloud Fluff" in 2009, so they say, and have not spoken of it since. A Photon Belt (photons are light) was also discovered but quickly discarded by all media and revamped vehemently by naysayers as merely ''a spiritual'' thing or ''new age''. How does a scientific discovery suddenly become only spiritual? My visceral response to this Photon Belt many years ago was one of elation. This is the friend of life affirming harmonious lifeforms, and is an antagonist to false intelligence and A.I. They cannot speak of it again because they have already sussed its implications and so remain silent but have retaliated with many off-world forces with another Wave X courtesy of your local savants of god mimics at CERN.
True Light will destroy the mimic.

Be warned of which frequencies you align with. Many are outer, one is inner. Many will kill you, the one give you life. Some do not possess inner one, they will fry too.

A world of Beauty and harmony and peace is the dream of the Universe and inhabited by the sleeper cells here who protect it from within. It is the Natural Order of Universe which is organized, yes even when a super nova explodes orgasmically. Chaos is man made, the distortion of intelligencia.
The Beauty is obtained by heart-fully connecting and tuning in to the organic Universal Mother of All. I am grinning here at the knee-jerk responses people have to this "Universal Mother''......it is a shock to duped cognoscenti and anathema to all brotherhoods. :-) who will die hard for it is the gods who are at war. The Mother is not.

One must learn to differentiate and discern between what has been demonized and what is demonic. Those who posses true Universal Love in a feeling, caring, nurturing, life respecting and autonomous emotional heart, mind and body.....and with Her genius of sensitivities are the rare Daughters of Phoenix, will know and are the Keepers.

Serena, Lady of the Woods

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