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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Independence Day For The LIGHT

*Update: this was a false/positive. It turns out I am in a process and this sense of peace was more like a free falling void.

I should not be here online today. I should not be coherent nor able to function in matrix ways on matrix equipment, but somehow I am here and able.
I am feeling despite all the odds, some kind of nothingness inside, like some tension has broken, a line broken and I am no longer tethered....tethered to something that shouldn't have been.
There is a void inside, some can call it calm or peace. It is high strangeness especially for me right now, and Ana and Alby know what I'm talking about.....but still there is some peace that is transcendent. I cannot even conjure up some kind of memory, trigger or charge. There seems to be nothing there. Apathy comes to mind. I've never been in that state before, but time will tell.

I sense this is not only me and is why I'm writing to you, but for many of us right now and I'd like to hear from others who do?

.....the gossamer chains are finally fried, broken and we are in free fall, and only one thing to do but to float.....and once untethered where do we go, but up.

We're in another direction now and all there is to do is go for the ride.

Interesting it is Independence Day when I feel this paradox....is this the wry humour of Cosmic Divine?

Serena, Lady of the Woods


  1. Hey serena -- just read your blog from yesterday -- now there's an interim spot&motion, between worlds -- not exactly comfy/cozy, but calm&close enough for now methinks. Bring your favorite things there, and take a deep breath. The marvelous connectivity&resonance of late have been powerful -- significant signage (and you certainly set out the call). We can do this.

    Yes, little/nothing but void of course hence -- but that is only "here" in matrixville, as it falls&stalls towards its omega. "The gossamer chains" were only amorphous because these enclosed us from a hidey-hole dimensionality we were blocked from seeing&understanding (with what was left of the conscious mind). And memory has been switched off, again&again. We have been weighted down to nigh extinction with these gossamer machine-devices&programs -- losing sight&recall of who we really are. All that is breaking down, the walls/devices coming undone.

    This is an excellent moment, imho -- witnessing the "untethering", feeling how that feels -- so of course there would be a kind of emptiness -- it is so new.... and what to place in its stead -- as the matrix broadcasting system keeps trying to call&hold us back? The Inside tells a different story -- the call Home -- the high attractor. It's becoming a much easier choice. Nothing to save of something completely false&wrong to begin with. And so here we are, poised, witnessing, letting the dark sift from the light, leaving it behind us, coalescing the rest, in transport. We are getting mucho assistance in this.

    For the moment, we are in the hurricane eye -- the peace/place&eye of detachment, decoupling from the darkside shite-circus&bullyhorn, the ongoing (or dawning, depending) recognition that this is not home, never was. That none of this, no matter the onslaughts&holocausts experienced, is who we are. We simply hold less&less, approaching zero identification&definition anymore. There's simply little/nothing to do&be here, once you/we know. Not apathy -- completions. Stillness. Paradox has been a profound dynamo&key for gathering/understanding the nature of the matrix imposition. These are the perspectives&comparatives we were equipped with from true Home&Family -- to be able to "get" the differences, to keep constant the slowmotion awakening&prisonbreak.

    "Out there", the show is full-on, but it's a husk&caricature, dust&wind, matrix time running out.

    Inside, it's altogether different. Bigstuff. There's the Inhabitation of sovereignty&"independence", the resonance of reconnectivity&restoration, a sense&anticipation of returning wholeness. Inside you/we are indeed present&able, connecting Homeward. So much has been met&accomplished in the greatwar, mostly beyond the conscious mind's capacity to perceive&remember.... yet... we are, and more arriving, as the veil thins/collapses.

    So, we let go of this bs factory, gaining calm&quiet, and lean Elsewhere. The hurricane's eye is a landmark -- you&we have done courageously&well, despite everything. Let the silence&stillness take us Home. In the interim, welcome Home -- lets open to that, what the heck. I see you, carry on. alby

  2. I have noticed a change, but to what or where; I am uncertain. However I will say this, there is a movie Titled Jupiter Rising. Finally, I've gotten to watch this movie; that I was eager to see. But before I put it in my PS3. I realized it was not Titled Jupiter Rising, but Jupiter Ascending. This had me perplexed, as whenever I saw the preview's it was referred to as Jupiter Rising. Am I going Crazy?


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