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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Energetics AND Something is Different Lately, Very Very Different - I moved out of the Matrix

*As always, what is written here is meant to be shared. Blessings. Serena, Lady of the Woods http://serenaladyofthewoods.blogspot.com/

First I want to say that I will be posting differently from now on. I tend to make long ones, when I really want to keep them short. So I am going to try to post short energetics again. Thanks to those who read my little empathic blog. This first section is on Empathic Energetics as I sense/live them and then more on my personal journey for those interested. And I would love your feedback. <3

Empathic Energetics: 

The "something", the "Earth changes" heart/soul based humans have been waiting for is upon us. I cannot be the only one experiencing this. I am sure of it. The Universe I/we are in now is far friendlier now, and supportive of my endeavors as grand or domestic as they may be, and things are actually FLOWING now. There is ease. There is what one can only refer to as something "right".

Anyone who doesn't believe huge dimensional changes are happening must look deeper, make radical moves, or look more closely, or do something out of character, or a list of many other things, but IT is happening and can be made to happen. One must not only negate the old world, but also create the new you want to live in. That creating part is only for you to do and no one else.

I am feeling the world now, that I have had in my heart for ages. I committed to living only how I want to live (as much as possible in 3-D).
That there is now a safe space also for others to do so. While it was locked down before, the prison net has broken, and new realities can be made. Must be made otherwise, the old still lives on.

I have deliberately and intentionally renounced the crazy patriarchal wasteland that is the 3-D matrix filled with soulless beings, to spend all the rest of my own time, energies and imagination creating a world of my own. I needed to do this while I lived. It can be done. There is something critical about this part.....a deliberate all consuming creating of ones own world out of the real energies of love. This is not for my own life I must stress, but that some blueprint of potentiality is forged into reality when one does this with ones entire being, that makes it possible for others. The vanguard, so to speak?

This can happen for others who do the same. A complete break has to be made, with ones entire being. Nothing less. Only engage as much as what keeps one safe from all bureaucratic complications, otherwise, create your own world.

I am also deliberately abstaining from reading, or doing anything involving the "old world", for me it is gone.
Empathically......I feel the New Worlds upon us not just because I sense it, but because I am living it. At first I thought it was just the result of a huge sense of relief. No, its far more than that.
It was rather sudden too. Interesting that one quote that has always sung to me was "in the twinkling of an eye".......yes, it can be like that.
But it is imperative that those New Worlds are created by your own hearts and imaginations.
May I suggest you all who want your own world begin to create it with everything you have in you. Even if you think you don't have the energy, I certainly didn't, but it can be done. Somehow.
Find others who you resonate with and can live in peace with and partner up. Find ways.

I believe in feeling into the new "realities" as such, because there are many now, that they need to be filled in, or are a blank canvas so to speak, that need the artistry of the imaginal realms of those who are creators with heart and soul. This requires action and absolute intention. Go forthe and create.
 ~ end empathic energetics.

This part below is more on my own personal journey and evidence of the New Realities:

I've been wanting to write this for weeks. I just didn't know if it would last.

There is something very very different in my life.
One could say, I got out of a toxic place and energetics, and I would say emphatically, yes.
But its much more than that.

One could say country life is different, and that space of lots of green, trees and grass, real Earth beneath ones feet, with fewer people would create more peace and I would say yes again. Its that too.

One could say alot, but what I'm saying is that it is all of that and more > More what I call "natural" forces of life, which are magical in the always positive sense. What I know to be my Truth.

There are a crazy number of synchronicities happening, and synchronicities are wonderful events happening in the physical world that tell you the Universe and You and now (re)-United.
These synchs or serendipities which is a more fun word, are happening almost every day. I cannot even count how many dozens have happened since I made the move out of TN and back into Florida Country. It literally began when John arrived and helped so much (out of character :-) me pack so we could drive out the next day. But the synchs are happening for both of us independently. For example, he needed that job in Gainesville, and was immediately hired, interviewed only by phone and got the job on the spot. Unlike previous protocols. And Gainesville is where I had said I wished we could move to years prior when I helped someone move here. Synch.
More mundane examples are, I want a specific rare plant and he finds it in a store the next day.
It happened again the other day, when we went out shopping on his day off, and I wanted to check the garden center store to see anything new....(I'm a huge plant/nature person) and my favorite plant is Maidenhair Fern......delicate, lacy, whimsical plants that love water and shade and whose spiritual meaning I just learned is Beauty and Love. So there.

So we arrived at the store and there, in a box were a bunch of maidenhair ferns, just arrived, not even priced yet.
The same happened with our trees. He and I both wanted Italian Cypress trees and had always seen them in stores but they were very small, dried up and too expensive on top of that. Once here, we found tall ones, very green, healthy, maybe 13 feet tall, taller than our house, and the price was right, and we had them delivered. The same with the 3-ball topiaries. The same with a shallow bowl I spent 2 hours searching for online 2 nights ago, and when we went to H.D. the other day, there they were in terracotta, not plastic, the right size, color and the price was almost thrift store priced compared to what I'd seen online that I liked. They were not there just days ago. This keeps happening with all kinds of little mundane things. Nice!

2 days ago I had a lovely emotion filled dream of almost being able to have a cat again. I love to have the cat choose me, for those who understand that, but since 2010 none have come though I have tried out a few. This dream was magical in the sense that there was a woman who had 2 kittens, black, both male and they were looking for a home. I was interested but wanting to see if the cats wanted me too. There was a man there who also wanted the kittens. The woman watched and listened to us both. The man was talking more, I was feeling more.....for the cats. The cats remained neutral....though aware that both the man and I could potentially be their new parents. The man seemed to have won out, he was more vocal, aggressive in his desires and commenting on their traits, while I remained receptive. I had fallen in love with them, and finally I fell to my knees in front of the woman, with my expression being one hopeless in love and nothing else to say. The woman however made the decision. She awarded me the cats, and I was shocked because the man clearly claimed them, but she said, "this was not about favoritism, but about love". So she awarded them to me. I felt so mushy grateful.
The next day, when we checked the garden store for new arrivals of plants, I found my maidenhair ferns in a box, yet unpacked as mentioned,! And with this in hand a lovely young calico cat meandered right to my feet and I remembered my dream of the previous night. I was so happy to be petting the furry thing who was loving the affection. The woman who worked there said there were two male kittens there in the store looking for a home. And John said I'd better hurry since a man there was also interested in the cats. It was my dream, in a sense. He had already claimed them. (deja vu) But he could have them. I wanted female cats, they are not territorial and don't spray and stink. The woman told me she had younger females at her home and they too were looking for a home. I may have a lovely furry love in my home any day now. She just called John :D.
It keeps happening. Almost every day.

I can fix something that frustrates john, and what I cannot fix, he can. Its crazy. Odd that "flow" seems ''crazy" now lolol.
Its "right" to the point that this is what life should be, never was, and now is shocking and takes getting used to. Yet feels very much what life should be.

A little backtrack. Two days after leaving TN my red and pained eyes of the previous year were no longer red. John also said the swelling of my eyes went down to almost normal. I had to look in the mirror and he was right. The eye problem started when I got to TN. I thought it was the dry air. I kept trying to find 3-D explanations for this new problem. I went to the eye doctor and he found nothing.
The eyes are the windows of the soul. My soul was sick in TN. Something was making my soul sick. Something vile and evil. And I am not a wimp. I grew up in badlands of drugs, violence and poverty and became not only a warrior of my Self but a guardian of others unable to protect themselves. But that is another book.
Since leaving TN my hair stopped falling out and is shiny again. I have less pains. And there is more but I want to move on.

These changes in paradigm is not just country life. This is not just being away from toxic beings from whatever dimension they hail from. Its not just having my own space.

THIS is a totally different reality. I look out of my windows and see an Italian Mediterranean garden in its beginning stages. How can this be already? With only a few additions to this land of grass and trees?
This is a totally different reality. It literally feels like I've left that 3-D matrix system and am finally in a world of my own making. I can fall back into old "feeling patterns" but check myself right out of them again, taking note of the reality I am currently in and moving forward. There is a HUGE  difference. Its almost like it keeps telling me, "don't think back..... don't feel back...... don't fall back....be present in this fresh new space. Come on, and believe........It is clean and waiting for artistry."

The feeling is also that I am finally energetically "alone".....with my own thoughts, feelings and energies. Before, in all my previous life apparently, I've been bombarded, albeit unknowingly, with energies from all kinds of things, from other people, from other non-people, from unseens, from EMF's, from solar/lunar energies, Earth energies, etc......and it has been impossible to separate myself from all of that.
It seems now I can. I can feel my Self. I can feel only me when I check in and see what is going on. I can see now when my own thoughts are generating feelings and I can correct or change them. I can see when "weather" is not real weather but manipulated which is toxic also.
I now feel like I can be alone and this feels so good, because being with my Self is so relieving and feels so clear and clean. I can breathe, I can sigh.....with space. I can empty my thoughts when I want. I can be quiet when I want.

This is hugely different. This is not merely a move to another Earthy location, this is a move to another dimension, another reality, one that is my own, though still here in 3-D.

They said this could happen. I heard it literally hundreds of times. I spoke of it myself. I determined it my Self.......and now I am living it.

It seems that the drive from TN, with our things en route to a new home, and john and I driving in a car on the road to a new life, new location, heaven-bent on our old routines of simple joys, was the path, the orbit that took us to a different reality. He drove, Impeccably I might add, because I was so worn out, falling asleep while awake etc and not wanting to poke Murphy that beast of wrongs,.....and we drove in silence for almost 2 days.

I said in my previous post that some things are unbelievably perfect about this house, this location and this life, even though we literally picked a house out of 2 internet pictures, had the pods with our possessions sent to this location, and were driving to this as a new home before we even owned this house. Crazy, I know. But if you're not just a bit crazy you'll never be able to outpace the insanity of patriarchal systems. You need just a bit of crazy to be able to maneuver around them, to be malleable and spontaneous, and say F*&k it and move forward in ruthless ways. We did that. We had no time to think. We had to move forward. I had a only single day instead of the planned 4, to pack a container thanks to the saboteur repeatedly refusing my POD being delivered days before I had to leave, but I maneuvered and made it work because I had to be a bit crazy. And though the saboteur tried to assert its own false authority over my circumstances (the supervisor of the POD called me to find out why it was cancelled, NO I didn't cancel it! He said the owner of the house cancelled it, I had to beg him to bring it anyway, thank god my neighbors allowed it on their property and that is how I was able to have it).......So even with all this and more happening, we still managed to get out on the day we needed, to get on the long road to another dimension and another alternate reality. WE did.

I am still recovering from being so "sick" on so many levels as I was in TN.
The creation of this New Reality is more mine than his, since he does not create. He just enjoys what I create, and I have huge huge unlimited imaginal realms of knowledge and experience from my Soul where I have lived in absolute Freedom as a Creator. I am still limited here in this dimension by physicality of material things and funds, but not in my imagination and intentions. And I am still, after all these years focused on what I want to create, the beauty, the harmony, the simplicity, the Peace, the memories of wondrous magic.......and finally it seems my Universe has formed itself around my steadfast intentions and is forming itself into manifestation.

We left chaos. We left crazy. We left sabotage.
It has been consistent.

So why am I telling you this? Because I don't believe it is only me experiencing things like this, huge changes like this, not just cute stuff, but literally an alternate reality that is friendly and femininely nurturing towards our needs both physical and emotional. Its almost like we speak them in voice and they show up in physicality. That is more than just positive, that is a totally different than Earthly paradigm.

Now, to move back some years.....

I have been working on dismantling. And I mean DISMANTLING.......the perilous realities created here by psychopaths. I cannot explain how I have done this, how often, how intensely, or that every breath from my body was all about this for my entire life.....that the trillions of cells in my body lived for this and only this......as far as the first part. And once I saw the dismantling taking place, phase two was initiated by my own initiative, and no other, to create the new worlds for those beauties within the "human" species with both heart and soul. I did that too. And only in 2016/2017, did I hear from others, that what I was creating was being seen and reported by many others, and I stopped. I stopped because it was already coming in. We, the hearts and souls of Humanity are going Home.


  1. So i saved your post to read on my birthday (today) as a treat. I so enjoyed this read and I'm so happy that things continue to fall into place as they should. So you know i'm very excited about visiting! I'm getting some things handled like car service, the dentist and work training so that i can get up there with peace of mind. i already told Mike that I'm outta here to go see my friends... lol Trusting that all will go well, i should be able to get up there towards the last weekend of August or 1st weekend of Sept. I'll email you once i have a date pinned down to see if it's convenient. On another note i have been seeing ALOT of duplicate numbers lately like 11:11, 333, etc. i know there's a message and I'm on the mission to find out what it is. We'll talk soon, take care!

    1. yeah! glad you're planning. John said and I quote "I can't wait for Y to get here"....because of something or other, but I went into shock when he said "I can't wait for...." and dont remember the rest because I'd never heard such a thing from him in 16 years. I'm still getting to know this new "John". But we're ready, even though my work on this house is slow because apparently I can't just bypass "healing" and get to work like I used to....I am forced to slow down very often and often do nothing which is a huge part of "healing".....and people think hardship and suffering make you strong.....enough hardship will also make you sick and kill you. What the hell?!!
      As for those numbers, yeah, when you keep seeing the same one over and over till you go nuts it means something. I'd been seeing 11:11 since I was 10. There are books about that number, however I don't buy it, well I bought the books but not all their reasoning as it didn't apply to me which I can say now 27 years later....I'm still trying to figure out what it means for me at least.

  2. I am so glad for your energies being healed and also, the amazing events of small things happening in your life. Truly incredible!~ I hope you now have the kittens! What a profound dream and reality! I was thinking about black kitties a few days ago, even before I read your post. So this is how scatter-brained I have been...I remembered your blog so here I am! Yes serendipity today for me! I will try to call you at some point as life has been crazy since the move to this newer house, which I feel very much at home here.
    Thank you for posting about how life has changed for you. I have been blessed and encouraged by your positive energy. I hope your home and surroundings survived the N.C. storms. I have thought about you often. I am still healing from indirect thought scapes which enter my dreams. I try to learn from the dreams and analyze them in order to stay positive in my life. My dreams are like guardians to my soul. The 'enemy' tries to infiltrate my dream life, but I take the dreams as warnings to guard my heart, so it increases my perceptions of my own reality, beating out the demons so they have no hold over me. I am so crazy busy, I have hardly had time to write or call. But events should be leveling out so that I can have more control over what is happening in my own life for myself. I am learning to say 'no' to people who want me to do things for them that will drain me of my energy. And some of them have not liked it, but it is for my own sanity to stay focused on my own destiny. I was too much of a people pleaser, but not any more, so I am speaking my 'truth' to them. And they are seeing a different person in who I used to be. I have to protect my frail inner self at all costs, and it is making me stronger in the process. Always love, peace, and harmony to you!


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