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Friday, June 16, 2017

Energetics: More Attacks In More Ways

Hello Everyone,

It has been a bit of time since posting, lots going on on every level.

But the Energetics of late, because I'm hearing from so so many who are saying the same thing, is that the past week etc, has been again, a cornucopia of darkness unnecessarily imposed upon the people. It is nothing but attack, in yet more forms and more consistently. It is everywhere, in peoples lives and bodies falling apart, to circumstances, to vibes, to the air feeling dirty, all of it.

It is not in your head, and it is not just you. It is everywhere.

Do what you know best to do for protecting and restoring your self. Even make radical changes.

I am not an expert at this, I try everything, some things work some times, others not, I keep going.

Best of luck, till next time.

*As always, what is written here is meant to be shared. Blessings. Serena, Lady of the Woods http://serenaladyofthewoods.blogspot.com/


  1. Thank you for posting this. I'm feeling it for sure and hearing it from others as well. Many mutually supportive exchanges occurring. I wrote a massive narrative to a friend yesterday, then realized it was as much 'note to self' as it was support and advice for his struggles. I reminded him to detach from 3D, for just a few minutes each day. Stare a a flittering leaf, watch a butterfly, realize your'e a part of THAT not a part of 'this' ( fill in 3D life brain loops, dark emotions here), also as you said, try everything... but even something as small as cleaning out a corner, rearranging something in your space, anything to shift the energy. A trivial shift can result in big ripple effects. I'm taking my own advice today as well as nourishing w/ clean food, sounds and smells. Under attack, no question. The past 1-2 weeks have been the most debilitating I've personally experienced in a long time. wth?!

    I'm intending to re-listen to your last podcast with Ari ... I was completely blown away by the syncs! I left a comment on the STM facebook post. xo

    1. Hi Sandy,
      yes, I'm hearing it constantly. I think we had a bit of a break but something else is going on again. I'm having my share of abnormal stuff, things coincidence utterly fails to explain....and only 'strange', 'odd', and 'bizarre' can describe the workings, timings, etc.

      We must refute it, negate it, invalidate it, condemn it all to failure consistently. And yes a seemingly trivial shift can make a difference like side stepping into another timeline.

      Thanks for writing.


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