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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hearing From You, Sun, and Unusual Quiet

Hello People,

Hearing From Readers:

I have been thinking of this one for a while now, and considering that those who respond to my posts mostly do so through email rather then leave comments, I thought it would be nice to both ask from you who read my blog what you are experiencing lately and if you'd be willing to share here with me, and if you could also respond in the comment section because I firmly believe that others benefit from reading/hearing of others experiences. I think it is very important that we share our feelings, whether we think they are small or big, relevant or not, but it is important to hear it all because there is always something to benefit from knowing others experiences.
In an ideal world with ideal people our inter-telepathic communions would keep us all informed at all times, but this is not the case here. So I am inviting those of you who read here to write whatever it is you feel is relevant to the purpose of this blog, which is the sharing of energetic feelings of what is happening in our environment, ambient energy fields, portents, senses, etc. I really would love to hear from you.

Additional Quiet:

On another note, I reported in my last post that all seemed quiet here, and it still is, however, there is another silence to add to that and it is strange, since being online for years now I have an expected norm for amounts of communications via emails that I get, and for the past couple of days, I have had only one which is not only bizarre, it is unheard of, considering that I follow some youtubers, and a few other sites, but nothing is coming in. I had to check to see if email was working lolol, and it is, as I got one email from a woman I spoke with on the phone, so I know email is working, but this is really odd......I cannot place this silence into perspective....unless this additional is the calm before a storm?.....in addition we are literally having storms here which I'm enjoying, but this other is odd.

Horrific Sun Heat:

Something is very different with the sun. Plants I've had outside in the all-year-shade for years are now being burnt cause they're in the sun.....its in a different place. I have learned to hide from the sun and even to close my curtains in the morning and keep them closed all day. This is sooooo unusual for me as I love the sun, but something is horrifically different about the sun these days, since last year I think, but I've never ever experienced anything like this in my life. I think I'm allergic to this new type of heat its generating lately, and I do not like it at all.
I have also had to keep all 4 window AC units on, and I've never ever had to this in 15 years in this particular house. And even when they are all going, full blast also on the highest setting, also never done before, it still remains warm inside, and the thermometer confirms it. 84-88degrees all the time!

People Having Diabolical Experiences:

Also I am hearing alot from people who are experiencing really diabolical and terrible feelings lately of the past couple of weeks, and though I am always one who feels along with the collective, this time I am not. I am in a different clear space and this is truly boggling my mind, since I am hearing the same thing from literally everyone, from lectures, forecasts, astrology, interviews, writings, speaking, hearsay etc, everyone is experiencing some terrible things, from personal dark feelings, to overwhelm, to despondency, to utter frustration to literally being attacked by dark forces......and I'm not? how odd is this? I have a couple of theories about this, one is the consistent "canary in the mine" scenario which is part of the futuristic energetic field of the empath who literally goes through things before everyone else, so this is consistent, and if this is the case, then I can tell you that you will get through this and feel some sense of silence, inner silence all the way around, and what this means I'm unsure of as yet.
The other theory is that it is more personal for me, that I've gone through the dark ''field'' of something already, and have moved beyond, and others are still entrenched in it, and this raises alot of questions for me.

In any case I'd love to hear from you, especially from those of you from Russia who seems to be my largest audience according to the stats. :D

Serena, Lady of the Woods


  1. Dear Lady of the Woods. Things are very quiet with me right now as well. All through July, my life was very busy and held many emotional triggers with family members in need. I set up my boundaries, and compassionately dealt with only certain chosen aspects of the chaos....and gained quite a sweet blossoming of insight from the experiences. As for the sun, here In California, I'm quite used to nonstop brightness and warmth, and so I haven't noticed much in the way of added discomfort. Except......I am considering moving to Oregon now that I'm retired, and have been a bit discouraged that there weather patterns have changed over the past 5 years of drought on the West Coast.

    1. Thanks for writing Teresa Howard, I'm curious about the changing weather patterns in Oregon, can you describe? what is happening out there on the west coast? I always prefer to hear from people rather than generalized reports written by some left brained know it all. Drought is never ever fun, I had it here in a tiny section of Florida and I was in it, and I'm a gardener so it was devastating and depressing to me. I never want to experience that again.

  2. Hi Serena, I just now figured out why I haven't been able to comment on
    your blog. What I get is like an email format message and I do not get
    sent to your blog spot. So I have been replying to the email
    until now.
    Every time I get a new post in email format I am going to go to the blog site in order to post a reply/comment. This may be the case with
    other people too. Just thinking...

    I find your ideas, thoughts and feelings about the energies that are
    sweeping through our personal energy fields to be very revealing.
    You have a way of verbalizing things that many people are feeling but
    not able to put into words. Also reading these may trigger memories
    and forgotten feelings that people have had but have let them slip
    from their awareness.

    That some people are having bizarre thoughts, dreams and happenings
    that seem shocking and unfamiiar seems to be a general phenomenon
    which is breaching their 'normal' ways of perception. Some people
    who have done the work of looking at their dark sides and their dark
    feelings and have been facing their grief and loss already may not
    be having these bizarre occurences. I think it is part of our job to
    become aware of these things which are pushing our unconscious buttons
    and to face them and deal with them. Otherwise they can reveal themselves at very unnerving times and situations. This is why you
    personally can be in a very calm space while others are freaking out.

    Those who are not working diligently at becoming aware are those who
    will suffer the most when really big psychic upheavals come. And
    now is when they are going to occur because I feel that we are at
    a critical pivot point in humanity's evolution. Planetary forces,
    spiritual forces and the forces of darkness are all combining to
    bring about changes in our world view and our spiritual views.

    You and your readers, Serena, are holding the frequency of good,
    honor, truth and compassion while others are simply grasping at
    material comforts and distractions to keep them from facing

    Keep up the good work, Lady of the Woods!

    Tom Paine

    1. You bring up a few good points Tom whose sum are more then the parts and what I'm getting is that, though "seemingly" unrelated is: though the world is "dying/collapsing" around us, it is not going to be complete, parts are going, while simultaneously others are being cleansed, and this will allow for changes to happen without destroying the entirety and starting over from scratch, because there are good parts to this life on Earth and it has always been my intent/desire that those good people and parts are not harmed due to the vile and murderous nature of the evil destroyers and psychopaths. I lived for this!

  3. Yeah, I still peek in to your blog from time to time, but lately I've been going through personal stuff related to my role here on this planet and how I'm fed up with having to put up with all of the personal mental issues I been having with myself along with other people's bullshit that is shoved down my throat. I just don't feel like talking to anyone about this since one, we talked about this before over Skype for the most part and you gave me advice, but I thought about it and realize that I don't desire to retreat to somewhere else for a while, especially in a place where there is structure since I like to do things my own way and on my own schedule.

    The mental emotionally issues are something that I have to confront within myself and there is no hiding from it. I just really don't want to talk about it right now because I know I have inner work I have to do to address it, but I feel like what is really bothering me currently is the current state of things in this world and how I lost faith in it along with how I see people keeping falling into the same traps that is keeping humanity enslaved spiritually which means they will never understand that we need to raise ourselves and help heal each other.

    I don't even want to get into the victim blaming complex I notice with those who come out and admit their problems and emotional issues or even their traumas to others for them to get shut down and blamed for it which is a widespread issue that I've come online to. The fear or frustration of being labeled negative, a whiner, and other nonsense I see with others and myself. It like how everyone is expected to have thick skin which is why I question my life purpose more and more which does requires thick skin.

    I just don't want to talk about it openly since it doesn't feel good for me, especially here. That is why I've been quiet since complaining about it is not going to get me anywhere. I just need to painfully claw my way to a solution if it even exist. My goal is to see what I can do about my subconscious mind and how to reprogram what is the root of these issues. My issues are much more complicated than this as it is.

    One of the biggest issues I have is the lack of support emotionally on a soul level and the lack of friendships or what have you since friendships to me is more than just someone you have something in common with, but a soul connection. I only desire deep relationships as it is. I mean look at all the people out there that have many so-called friends, yet still feel lonely since they are only friends in a superficial sense, so-called friends who would turn their back on them over once they longer play by the so-called rules! I'm just tired of talking on this world all by myself if you know what I mean. I'm not saying that I'm alone doing this, but I'm talking about my relative situation here!

    We live in a cold world where people will leave you behind at anytime since relationships of any kind seem rather volatile in this day and age, and I hear about this way too much, and I'm not even trying to hear people's stories, it just pops up. I also don't want to be getting into my trust issues I have with people in general which had manifested combined with me being an outsider that refuses to play along with the system and the people within it. It's already bad enough that I
    have to go back into said system to make income again since I could not find any alternatives after three years of searching within a month on top of things.

  4. Part 2 due to comment limit:

    Overall, just way too complicated and frustrating. I have this subconscious fear of being blamed for this somehow somewhere which is odd enough. I mean I can never even talk to my so-called family about this since I would surely be blamed for this or give me some solutions that is not even a real solutions, and these things happened before, the blaming and bullshit solutions that only frustrated me more making me feel even worse.

    One of their solutions was go see a therapist, I mean really? Especially since I'm not going to pay anyone to talk about my problems, no way! My issues are spiritual issues that no one would get or understand as it is, so that is completely a bad idea! I'm not going to get into how some in the past had told me to take anti-depressants or some other drug! I mean fuck that, I'm not depressed, I'm not going to suppress or run away from my problems, and I'm not going to put in money into this criminal satanic pharmaceutical industry! That is a huge part of the problem. Medicating yourself to hide the issues we all face since we live in a society that discourages people from standing up and exposing all things that are wrong without being labeled or victim blamed! Humanity can't truly wake up as long as this keeps going!

    That is the why I been quiet. I mean it's not like anyone could help me as I can only help myself anyway.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I know Remi, why you've been quiet. And still I feel like I need to say some things to you, but I need to think about how to say it all. I do not think there is anything wrong with you at all, I believe you are responding to the world as humans would, though we do need to learn some ninja moves to deal with all the insanity.....so no blaming here. I feel you are a true human who is feeling the things a true humane being would feel in this insane world........more later.

  5. Thanks. This post made my day. Excuse the typos in the last post since I'm terrible at proofreading. Anyway, its good to reminded that its not me that is the problem but everyone else including the system which I don't foresee going away anytime soon despite all of the fears of it which is like hot air to me at this point! Will something happen? Yes, but soon? I don't know nor I care at this point. What would stop it from quickly returning anyway since I predict that people are not going to rise themselves in consciousness once this does happens which means history will end up repeating itself?

    I got worn down from a world that take takes take, but gives little to nothing back in turn! The more I'm in my world of imagination and doing things to engage my right brain, the more stable and sane I remain. It helps me deal with the inherit boringness of 3D reality as a bonus as well. The whole being in the world thing is overrated IMO unless you are really working hard in the 3D to change it, but I come to realize that lots of issues this world has is coming from the non-physical, and as long as that doesn't change, don't expect the 3D world to change permanently. I'm not saying this to knock on all the great people out there doing what they need to do here in the 3D world to help people out, but to there needs to be more spiritual awareness concerning the nature of the non-physical forms of control that are coming from the astrals and other places I don't know of, but that is going to be super difficult in a world filled with stanch materialists and self proclaimed skeptics though.

    Most people are unwilling to change themselves and the law of correspondence will respond kindly to that with no change in the external world. The world is a mirror reflection to people's consciousnesses level on a collective level in simple terms.

    If only people understood such spiritual common sense. Thank you for your post again. I just hate being treated like there is something wrong with me, maybe I think deep down that I feel like I'm setting a bad example when it comes to dealing with a challenging situation, but who cares if you live in a world where no one gives a shit about you on a soul level, and you have no emotional support or encouragement to deal with said situation, so screw them I say. I don't owe anyone anything anyway, but people act like you owe them something which is messed up! They have given me nothing on a soul level as it is!

    1. Well Remi, you say it all with such clarity. I cannot find fault with anything you say, I am in such agreement. And I too would abhor anyone turning my disgust at disgusting situations into a problem I have, that would make me want to lash out at that point but I always need to reel that in cause it doesn't work to lash out at ignorants, it wont change them or anything but get me into deep shit. So I suck it up but I don't allow anyone to shut me in anymore. I am entitled to feel what I do as do you.
      But yes, the world is insane right now, lots happening on many levels as the crap comes out of the dark and from being hidden to show their reptilian natures, and alien natures, etc etc, while many good people are feeling like you Remi, like me, like us. So many of us are in hiding it is so damned bad. Many are in shock and simply live in a "what the fuck!?" mode all the time, trying to figure out how to live out the day. WE ARE SOOOOOO NOT ALONE though it totally feels like it.
      I was like you so much in that I wanted to wake the people up, I felt all they needed was the information and they'd see!......so I started writing on web sites I was part of, and soon they made me admin, so I had more room to express. Then I started the radio show which did well from the beginning and we didn't expect that, but that is over now as so many are doing this expose work, researching etc, and this is their lives and they do it well.
      It is not easy here on planet Earth especially if you have a very lively emotional center as we do. Then I learned I would have to begin to reign in my rage and anger and frustration before I implode because I was going in that direction. I developed health problems I won't name because of this rage and frustration especially at the patriarchy which for me is in ADDITION TO ALL THE BULLSHIT THE MEN OF THIS WORLD ARE WREAKING, I also have to deal with that mentality as a deeply foreign alien and dangerously stupid mindset I always have to deal with, who think of me (as a woman) and treat me as a "thing" all my life, never mind my iq should shame them, but such hubris knows no shame either.
      Rest assured the majority of this planet is fully brainwashed, fully made stupid by the patriarchs who run this planet, and yet there are soo so many who are waking up to this, and this is the madness we are seeing. It is not wise to track this madness it is contagious, and worse to try and make any sense of it. Psychopathy is psychopathy, it is sickness, and sickness will burn itself out, and the wisest course for us is to walk backwards away from all of that crap! Again, the imagination, and right brained feminine aspects are all that will save us, from Nature to art to empathic women who give hugs.
      And by the way, dogs and cats, plants, all give back whatever you give many times over. That kind of love is there for the taking.

    2. I really wish there are more people like you in the world because I don't know anyone else who would respond the way that you do. You're right. You can't reason with insanity, but the challenge is dealing with it once it starts to effect you though.

      There is more I wish to say, but I can't think of it. I wasn't expecting much from this, but you made me not regret coming out at all. I'm very happy for that! I can't thank you enough. Again you made me feel better which I wasn't expecting.

    3. Remi, someone tried to respond to your comments here but could not, he sent it to me via email so I'm posting it here. Let me know if you see this:

      Hello Mr. Remy,

      I have read your two part comment and I would like to make some Statements which may be helpful with your situation.
      The first thing I would like to say is that you have not been talking To any REAL people if they have been blaming you. It is very difficult To find real people nowadays. Most people if they are in fact real Are asleep and hypnotized by the culture and propaganda that we Are inundated with from birth.
      You appear to have arrived at a point of awareness that I arrived at When I was around your age 28-29. I am now 71 years old and I Have been working on becoming awake and aware since that time.
      This has been a constant battle against the Powers that be and their Overwhelming attempts to prop up this false reality that people Believe to be real. It is not easy. It takes constant discernment To see through all the lies and misdirection that they continue to Foist on us. You will not find any answers from psychoanalysis, Your family, your church or religion or the mainstream TV or even Most movies, since they are all agent of the Matrix, if you will.
      Once you get a feel of the reality behind these things, what they Are hiding you will be able to better see through their lies.
      A very important factor in your awakening is to find other
      People who have been working on this. These people are by
      Necessity HUMAN. Because Organic Portals are not interested
      In spiritual growth. In talking with Serena she rightfully interpreted Your dilemma as SOUL DEPRESSION. This is due to the fact that This path is necessarily a lonely one, since there are very few people Who even want to think about this. It is the longing of the soul to Find others who share your quest for meaning and awakening.
      Take heart! There ARE others who are working toward the same goal That you are. Serena is one. I am one. I can’t tell you how wonderful It was to find someone like Serena who I can talk with and share our Trials and frustrations that we’ve encountered on our path. If anyone Tries to blame you for your problems, then they don’t understand
      What kind of difficulties this path presents. You are going against The grain of the world. You have to be careful who you speak your Mind to since most people are upset by this and and will do anything Possible to NOT THINK about these things. These are SCARY lines of Thought. Serena and I have traveled through some VERY DARK places That have upset our entire world views at the time. But we came Through it STRONGER because we refused to give up. Refused to stop Trying! Persistence is required. And constant examination of our Thoughts and motives. I think that some of the difficulties that you Are experiencing are due to your own questioning of the false ideas And beliefs that you have been bombarded with from everyone Since birth. This is NORMAL for people like us. When the false Ideas start dying it leaves a kind of vacuum which must be Replaced by new and better concepts.
      Know that you are not crazy. You are becoming more sane
      Than the ‘normals’! Don’t be hard on yourself. We all make
      Mistakes, but we correct them as we go.

      Be well, Mr. Remy. There are others who can help you sort
      Out your confusions.
      Tom Paine

    4. Thanks. That was the most rough thing about what I have been going through. I know that the path I walk is not simple by any means and that I can't expect any help from anyone you would expect help from. That is very true, real people are very hard to come by which an understatement, but there are many that are real that are entranced like everyone else, so its hard to tell the difference between real and fake in a fake reality since those who are real are either forced or indoctrinated into becoming fake like everyone else!

      It just hurts me when I do see real people out there get shut down by others who are not real. Their lack of understanding of ones situation, the inability to walk in others shoes, and the lack of empathy. This is all because people live in a survival based mentality where food and a roof over their heads is all they need, and those who complain about what is going on have issues in their little minds. They figure that since they are not poor or homeless, then they have no right to complain! People are such disempowered defeatists that it isn't funny! All they want is a long enough leash instead of no leash at all! Again, I blame materialism (Five sense only perception) and various forms of escapist ideologies (including the idea that one needs a guru or a savior based on the erroneous idea of giving your power away to someone else for empty or illusionary promises of relief/enlightenment or thinking that you can give your traumas and issues to someone else without doing any inner work) for fostering this mindset.

      All I'm doing right now is waiting for the smoke to clear because at this time, I feel that there is just too much drama and chaos at this time, and I'm just going wait until it dies down a bit.


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